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For Basic Public Awareness #3

Judge Napolitano, Hillary ‘Wants to Be President, and She’s A Felon’

Why should the American public be concerned about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal?

Judge Andrew Napolitano pulled no punches when he gave Judge Jeanine Pirro his take on Saturday.

“Because she wants to be the president of the United States, and she’s a felon,” he said plainly.

Judge Napolitano sat down on Justice on Saturday to weigh the dangers of a potential President Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s emails “are important, because they show the manner and methods by which the United States government acquires foreign intelligence,” he explained.

Judge Napolitano said that Clinton “has shown a cavalier attitude about preserving these secrets,” as well as the names of “people, who if their names came out, would be dead.”

This “violates an oath she took when she became Secretary of State, which violates the same federal criminal statute that was used to prosecute General Petraeus,” he said.

“She should be indicted for it.”


In other related matters:

Parents and community members are outraged over a so-called “white guilt video” that was shown to high school students in Virginia.

“The Unequal Opportunity Race,” a four-minute animated video that was shown at Glen Allen High School in Henrico, was designed as a lesson in “racial discourse” for students, according to school officials.

Now, there is backlash from those who take issue with not-so subtle references to white privilege throughout the video. (What is “white privilege?”)

They are bombarded with words such as “slavery,” “broken treaties,” “genocide” and “segregation.”

The white athletes continually run around the track, getting older as their batons – marked with a money symbol – grow larger and larger. Eventually, they hand the baton off to a younger white athlete running beside them.

School officials have defended the video as a lesson in “American history and racial discourse.”


arden B

Academy Awards – Oscar – Diversity and Boycott…Boo! Boo!

oscar_lI have just got to share this one with you. As I wrote earlier at The Contemplative Thinker about awards ceremonies, and quite openly, about the industry that seems to feel the need to exult themselves even more, lack of diversity, simply is not the reason to justify getting more nominations, thus awards for whomever these people want shows the absolute reckless disregard for issues that have real merit.

Just for the sake of it, these following awards ceremonies belong to one industry. First and foremost who – or what other profession honors themselves to the grandiose methods as the thespian guild of America? Academy Awards, USA or Golden Globes, USA, or maybe it’s Primetime Emmy Awards, well there is always the BAFTA Awards (England’s obsession) Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA, , American Film Institute USA, then let’s continue Behind the Voice Actors Awards, then each of the various cities internationally wants to award these folks with something, such as the Boston, Los Angeles, Venice, Denver, Dallas, Berlin, Australian Society of Film Critics Awards, and now for an industry that feels the need for ceremonial rubbish man, they get them started at a young age such as Teen Choice Awards, Breakout Star Award, and even Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association. That is a incomplete list of what the award season actually looks like. More and more it seems like if someone or something has a cause, let’s invade anyone of these platforms.

What I am actually trying to say is (1) Boycotting is not the way, (2) It never ceases tohollywood sign amaze me how much someone or some “group” of people keep on and on, and on for what? Diversity defined is 1- variety: a variety of something such as opinions, color, or style. Social inclusiveness 2- meaning ethnic variety as well as socioeconomic and gender variety, in a group, society, or institution; and 3- discrepancy: discrepancy, or a difference from what is normal or expected.

Looking at the three variations of the word diversity it is not overwhelming for one to make a complete and relentless argument considering assortment, multiplicity, range, miscellany, and mixture as the English Thesaurus points too. When one uses the excuse of diversity it reminds me of how stupid Congress and the State Department are in reality.

5406_Hollywood_Films_Gift_Set_onePlease be advised that this lot of people has authorized a “Diversity [Visa] Lottery” where as it stands now 80 to 100,000 visas are given out at random within countries that have not been represented well by their U.S. Consulate. Now with refugees, asylum-seekers, and one’s basic flow of illegal immigrants or undocumented immigrants, when is enough — Enough?

As for reasonable people what does that particular Diversity Lottery say about the character, behavior, record, or public investment of the recipient? Absolutely nothing! So why the fuss with any semblance of Immigration Reform?

Why would anyone “snub” Sylvester Stallone for anything that is Rocky oriented? Wouldn’t Italian-Americans have some kind of reason to whine? Same holds true with Straight Outta Compton. How about Beasts Of No Nation? Blood Diamond was a classic – but what about Leonardo or Jennifer? Straight Outta Compton is not original and it does lack a stand out command performance actor.


Reform immigration and Visa Statutes

Reform immigration and Visa Statutes


The San Bernardino shooters — Tashfeen Malik and her husband Syed Farook — emailed for several weeks before deciding to meet each other for the first time, according to Malik’s immigration file, portions of which were released today by the House Judiciary Committee.

Given the overall amount of terroristic attacks in this nation, how long and when is our government going to do something about this constant and reckless disregard of factual information?

The House Judiciary Committee investigates whether Malik’s visa was issued improperly. Chairman Bob Goodlatte says immigration officials did not do enough to screen Malik’s application and alleges that the passport stamps on Malik’s Saudi visa don’t prove she and Farook were in Saudi Arabia at the same time.

Malik, who was from Pakistan but had lived in Saudi Arabia, came to the U.S. last summer on a “fiancé” visa and later obtained a Green Card, U.S. officials have said. Malik married Farook, an American of Pakistani descent, in August 2014 and the couple had a baby six months before the Dec. 2 massacre that killed 14. Both died in a shootout with police afterwards.

dhs sealJust revealing this little portion of the released documents and information that is well-known to a majority of Americans — this entire notion of Malik, came to the U.S. last summer on a “fiancé” visa and later obtained a Green Card. This has set up a series of red flags that cannot be ignored by the following agencies: Department of Homeland Security, (DHS) United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, (USCIS) always the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive Devices (ATF), there are far more agencies but what does it matter ($$) if a person can obtain these credentials so easily.

Allow me to ask a question: How many of us were aware of a “Fiancé” visa when the term itself leads one to believe that these people were not married!

Please be advised that this writer has written about the costs of Visa lotteries (giveaways), and to be completely within the law, partners of same-sex marriage people are lined up and ready to get their papers, the same with illegal aliens, and any refugee or asylum seekers the world over.

Please if anyone from the named agencies happen to be reading, let’s cut to the chase and make you folks as safe as possible.


The Difference…

“The Difference…”

imagesCAJK81ZELet’s be honest with each other. Have you ever given thought to what the Framers were up to when they were trying to put together a plan for government as compared to the government we have today? For those of you who answered the question with a Yes please be accountable and say how much. For those who answered No, everything within me is wanting to everyone — Okay then no more griping, swearing, or condoning what the government, or those somehow involved with it, are doing.

The difference between what the Framers intended and could defend, compared to what their hard work has turned into today is an outrage! Perhaps the easiest way to discern what the Framers had in mind may indeed be the opening statement of the U.S. Constitution (read below).

“We The People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Again to reiterate when one looks into the actual wording of the opening paragraph of the Constitution, doing so will assure some meaning is attached to what they were doing. Let’s look at this statement from a cursory position and do our level best to understand it.

Speaking for and on behalf of the people of the USA, [and] in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice which means a rule of law, will provide attorney’s, juries, criminal and civil trials, and all of the appropriate courts thereto, ** insure domestic tranquility which means peace through laws, unobstructed liberty and freedom, and regard for one’s privacy and protection; as well as provide for the common defense, *** promote the general welfare **** which by scholastic and academic support means provide for an economy and the means to enact the economy (jobs), and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity which is to make sure we live in freedom — not only us but to our future generation of descendents, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the USA.

Prior to the U.S. Constitution America tried to be governed by the Articles of Confederation which to most at the time, proved to be far too English, limiting, and were inadequate for a republican democracy.

Therefore a change was necessary, especially after the Revolutionary War. If one were to look at the opening statement from the U.S. Constitution and then look into the first ten amendments thereto, what the Framers were designing is written out and qualified.

The Framers tried everything that was in their power to recognize what some refer to as “human nature” or the will of man and to make certain that those displaying such behavior would not be competent to serve as members of representation of the people.

Moreover, laws were defined to protect both the injured and those who could cause ill will toward those injured.

We intend on focusing our next several writings and fully measure the difference the Framers had in mind and created compared to the way it is now.

** A Nation that guarantees laws, and the will to produce the medium by which a person receives protection.
*** Provide for the common defense…(budget)
**** General Welfare is not an entitlement program.

Better Blogging and Goals for 2016

Better Blogging and Goals for 2016

compass and waterI received an email from this evening showing me this feature — “Better Blogging and Goals for 2016” mind you this was not an email I requested, it served more as a public service announcement or advertising. Quite openly I was just a bit offended that I didn’t receive the email much sooner so as to include my own resolutions in written form.

Nonetheless I have decided to go forth and do my own edition of this resolution. First I believe in practice — if I have to think about writing then this should be an easy process; one that will assist me in achieving my goals.

Therefore, stating my goals are as follows. I need to either do specific research or request assistance from whomever will read my goals for advices that will increase my readership. I have been with WordPress going into my eighth year now. My statistics page is about as accurate as asking Barack Obama to tell the truth.

The only time in the past year that I stepped out on my own to pursue gaining readers was through an ad that I received in an email. I believe that the company’s name is “Co promote” and as much as I would relish in the notion of explaining what it is that they actually do — I am so sorry but I just cannot, inasmuch as I do not know what they did.

However, what I did notice is that I gained approximately 400 new followers in less than two months! I should mention that I have active links with Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Google that I realize are from those sources. Consequently my first goal is to attract more readers.

Lately I have been on a roll so to speak with my writing content, context, word usage, and overall good writing. This is a direct result of lowering my own standards about what to write and just writing what I am feeling during that given period.

The primary site that I operate under is called The Contemplative Thinker. Anyone who pleases can drop on by and read “About the Author” or before I forget, one could do the same here at American Age.

At this point in my writing career I would exult in the idea of writing another book. Lately my writing has been putting together the ideals of America’s future predicated upon what has, or has not happened in the past.

Furthermore, I believe that the psyche of typical Americans shows up daily within the anger and frustration that we experience at the behest of our current leadership.

I do think that the research is available to support why apathy and changes within American values is causing much of societies discontent.

I also believe that America’s “follow the rules and laws” if you must attitude is causing devastation within American communities. America changes constantly and unfortunately I feel it is not for the better.

Accordingly I would love to write my new book using the actions of the elite class, the leadership in Washington D.C., the actions of lowering the standards of acceptable behavior and using real life people to stand and hold as my examples. What do you think?

Those are my primary goals for 2016, thank you.


Greta Van Susteren inspires with “Why don’t we try something new?”

Greta Van Susteren inspires with “Why don’t we try something new?”

Whilst reading last evening I make it a point to happen across other influential person’s writings and I must admit that Greta van Susteren’s article on her site, posted onto Face Book did precisely what the doctor ordered.

eagle4Greta writes, “The nation is – or at least it seems so to me – terribly divided. Everyone has picked a group – whether it be by gender or ethnic background, etc. – and placed a stake in the ground. When this happens, people divide, not unite. This is taking sides, not joining together and you know what happens when people just take sides.”

Continuing she says, “Why don’t we go back to the old concept of America being a melting pot and all of us being Americans with first emphasis being on common goals.

I wrote at pretty good length an (hopefully) inspiring response that having sat on it for about 18 hours I would like to share with you and again, hopefully, get some response.

I do not think Greta is in error whatsoever with her feelings. The fact has it that the American mind-set has changed and primarily so with visitors, students, as well as illegal immigrants just making plans to sojourn to America for a spell.

0930-cittest_thumbnail_288_croppedFor the last 150 years or so, to be an immigrant with citizenship aspirations one needed to aspire to assimilate in every American way possible. Let’s say that 100 or more years ago, acquiring written and spoken English skills was not a problem. At all —

One specific issue is that people come to America now – not for the sake of the Nation – yet rather for the life styles and standards of living for their children and relatives that supersede their own. You see, it is not for the Nation that they come, rather, it is for what they can take from the country.

And I will point a finger of blame here, or what is mentioned as attribution. Years ago our wretched Congress as well as other branches within the federal government thought it overly wise to liberalize America. By this what I mean is the unadulterated inclusion of every sojourner’s wants and needs. Although fact has it that these people did not earn their keep.

As long as special interest groups AND American rights and privileges could be bestowed upon these people,flageag9 what on earth was different? Therefore the mentality of these individuals grabbed those special interest groups. Then it is logical that sojourner’s would also lobby or protest congressional officials and in most cases – those who had the least power – special interests within unions, universities, colleges, and school districts in order to make them feel as though they did.

I find that there is a critical piece of this situation missing. Several actually… Pride in yourself as well as country; achieving the American Way or The Great American Dream, takes giving it all away…meaning give one’s self away for the great Nation that one is making.

This my friends is where America is suffering. Some or most say it is coming from the White House. Others say it is from a bunch of idealistic congress people. One must remember that when everyone assimilates, then there is NOT groups or otherwise divide.


Saying something about this situation, for Tom Brady

bradyAll up, even the professional writings I have done, I feel the need to at least saying something about this situation. This is an ongoing “bitch back” for all of those pundits, people in sports who write without critically thinking first, yet most of all, it is for those mental midgets we have in society who make an assessment without consulting the supporting documentation, which simply is the precise same thing as ruining a person’s civil liberties. Okay then — fast, lean and mean — with this I make mention of the NFL and Tom Brady.

You see, Mr. Brady was insulted and unadulteratedly made a fall guy for something that [all things being equal] he according to his own civil rights, as well as the law of our land has been accused of without any proof of a crime and is allegedly supposed to be suspended for at least four games. Like it or not, every individual who offers a debate should at the very least be informed. Actually I want to kindly offer “get informed!” Unbeknownst to many people a team of seven NFL lawyers and supposedly the best forensics teams available gathered to investigate Mr. Brady’s actions with the actual amount of air resident in a football.

Up to the minute of this writing this so called lawyer group — proffered an item referred to as “The Wells Report” measuring some 243 pages in length all of which could not and admittedly so, found the Mr. Brady simply did not have anything to do with the deflated footballs used within the first quarter and a half of a football game he participated in. The report concluded that it was “more probable than not that Brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities.”

So given all of the amassed education doing the investigation (7 lawyers & a Forensics Team) not one single piece of scalesincriminating evidence was found to inflict charges against Tom Brady. What kind of summation is “more probable than not that Brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities.” Again, based on what? In order to inflict a punishment on Brady the ever-so-implicated-in stealing, Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL saw to it that he was the arbitrating officer at the arbitration phase. All things being equal here gang is that we are putting a sports icon on trial for something that there are no facts, evidence or bad-will to even consider.

barackoNow for my close here gang, I want to say for the record the truth about our society is that we have a president who constantly violates the US Constitution, then laughs. We also have a former secretary of state who has lied her ass off and been caught doing so; moreover, the depth of her lies have literally cost several people their very lives. Did I mention that in our society the total of some nine hundred thousand dollars plus, was fraudulently gained by those folks in congress who were writing bad checks? In this society most people feel as though it is okay to harvest and sell unborn human baby parts, before the abortion is even performed. Tell me anything about where you live.



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