Just One for the New Year

Indeed one of the greatest, most humongous problems in America today is this constant effort to lower the bar of acceptable standards of decency. Look at the situation in America’s high schools; look at the ugly predicament of teen pregnancy and who the players are; most of all, look at what parents do, furthermore, condone to ensure their children’s—dare I even state this—success.   

On the other hand are these parents actually ensuring their children’s success? If you are a parent and you are reading this, does lying, cheating, fabricating, and breaking the rules of a measly contest for tickets ensure anything for your child? Did Ms. Ceballos’ daughter even know who Hannah Montana a.k.a. Miley Cyrus is or what she does? I seriously doubt it. 

And lastly, with the state of public education in our country and the way that it is, can we honestly blame or attribute what work or lack thereof on the student’s part? Priorities people! Look…we’re supposed to be the adults; we are older, wiser, and more experienced than our or anyone’s children. Make the commitment with me NOW!  Stop making it okay to lower the bar, even if it’s only once to impress or spoil your child. 

More to come… Next up…”A Few Horror Stories”


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