What did I Mean ‘Being Manufactured?’

Straight up and too the point. I don’t think there is a reasonable person alive who doesn’t understand the concept of being manufactured. Mostly used as a verb, manufactured, essentially means to produce something in the manner of a machine.

I believe this definition is a bit more appropriate for our discussion: to produce something in a manner without creativity.

I mean no disrespect to Ms. Spears what-so-ever; in fact, it’s quite the contrary. It takes an extraordinary person to go through the entertainment industrial complex and stay in as long as she did. Yet, for the sensitivity of others, and respect for those who are suffering, there is something about that spotlight…

From Mousketeer to every conceivable dance, beauty, or singing contest, let’s face it; Britney Spears is not that talented. I mean no disrespect in any way. Not to be misunderstood, Ms. Spears is talented as a performer, not as a singer, songwriter, actress, model, or parent.

I just can’t stop thinking about Miss Teen USA from South Carolina; moreover, I think of statistics that support that 25% of Americans can’t find their country on a map. Then again, there’s Miss USA, Miss Nevada, and by the way, where’s JonBenet Ramsey?

Britney Spears was invented, made, produced, and given very little support when her machine breaks down. Face it folks, Britney has had very little, if any, parental guidance in her life. Don’t talk to me about her father, Jamie, or her mother, Lynn, because that great manifestation of human creation building wound their namesake pregnant at 16-years of age, Ms. Jamie-Lynn Spears.

Seriously now…let’s just look at this notion. Who, reasonably, thinks Lindsey Lohan has talent? A kid growing up has talent—they’re funny and spontaneous; Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges, Dana Plano all from one television series. Now let’s examine their respective fates: Coleman is broke; Bridges shot a person and went to prison, and Plano, dead. Tracey Gold child star of Growing Pains, nearly died before becoming one of the nation’s best advocates for anorexia-nervosa.

Ad Nauseam where is Paris Hilton’s talent? Kim Kardashian’s (recently quoted as saying “I’d sleep with Britney for 1 million dollars”) talent? Lindsey Lohan was voted as having the two worst films of 2007: I Know Who Killed Me and Georgia Rules where she met the wrath of real talent in Jane Fonda and Felicity Hoffman.  

When your precious child is born, the very, very best thing you or anyone else will ever be able to do for them is love them. Not as a friend; not as a sibling, not as a buddy, but as your child. Love them by getting them ready for the brutal world they’re about to face. Love them by teaching them values, morals, and what is ethical; it’s our kids who are going to make or break this world. 


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  1. Miss Teen South Carolina answered that question badly, but she’s still got her looks to fall back on…

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