The Three Biggest Lies of All-Time…

The American people are furious at their elected officials in Washington D.C., because they have lied about immigration; moreover, we have been lied to about what we need to do to fix our immigration system.

Our current immigration troubles are almost entirely problems of achievement. I understand that that is a tough concept to fully wrap our head’s around; yet, when one examines how America came into existence, with the sweat, determination, and will to make her the best nation ever, America is truly a land forged together by immigrants.

Working through three hundred years of immigrants coming from everywhere on earth to use their minds, hands, and spirit to build the most prosperous nation ever is a testament to everyone who has lived in America.

What lies ahead for Americans is the challenge of taking our accomplishments and to seize that triumphant success, and turn it into the greatest advantage America has ever known, rather than allow politicians to turn it into yet another failure. Let us ask ourselves these three questions:

    Number one: Do you feel as though our government officials have made an effort to secure our nation’s borders?
    Number two: Do you believe that our elected officials put an effective employer verification program in place?
    Number three: Do you believe that our government has initiated a one-time only amnesty granted for people illegally in the United States?

Folks as simple as I can say it: We have been lied to; our government has not delivered on its promises, and this has been going on for well over fifty years!  It is up to us to make it stop!

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