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    After considerable information gathering and some ripping research we at American Age have decided to bring our knowledge, experience, and insight to the slipping of America's never-ending saga of lowering the bar of acceptable standards of conduct and decency. We believe that it's time for that proverbial 'line' to be drawn in the sand primarily with, but not limited to: Illegal Immigration, Sexual Orientation, (or whatever that is?) and Education.
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What is Tolerance?

Ahh yes…it’s Friday! Time for a bit of free-flow writing even borrowing from points and counterpoints made in different articles, different ideas, and just a bit of ‘pulse’ writing with a small look at the underground.

Is tolerance one of those notions where “what I want I deserve” and just forget about “your ways” although they were here as the existing norms of this society?

Either way the society goes, it is not incumbent on the members of that society to leniently accept anything or everything that is tossed out in front of them. People do have belief systems, faiths, and varying acceptance levels and those should be the standard and the norm, and above all appreciated and respected.

And I would love for this to be the case; yet, it simply is not. So, Stop the Presses!  What we have in America is a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles; yet, through tolerance somehow we’ve gone against the standardized norm of America’s principles to accommodate gays, lesbians, illegal immigrants, open protesting without a cause and the like. Hey I’m the first to advocate:

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, of course the freedom to assemble, petition, and be heard by our government; however, the reasons these ideals were put into the US Constitution are NOT what they are being used for, and frankly, that pisses me off!

So here’s where we’re at: A law enforcement officer can’t ask a person their citizenship status, where’s the tolerance in that; furthermore, I don’t want to know anyone’s “politically correct” sexual status. I don’t openly have sex in public, and I am offended when same sex people do, am I supposed to tolerate that? My country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and as such the value transmissions of those belief systems are the norm; where is the tolerance for our beliefs?

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