The Pin Heads of Bezerkeley (need to be spanked!)

Okay then…it’s been a while, however, just for the sake of drill I’ve been just waiting to do this—say something about the U.S. Constitution.

Perhaps my biggest reason for wanting to do this is simply because most people have absolutely no clue what they are talking about. Sure they may be ‘highly regarded professionals’ in their respective fields; sure they might be college graduates and think they know what they’re talking about; yet, the simple fact is that they don’t and most likely never will.

I find it absolutely appalling when pundits, quasi-scholars, or just plain loud mouths with some agenda start screaming, “Freedom of Speech” when in reality they have no clue what-so-ever what that freedom means. Moreover, they are clueless to why the Founders were so adamant about including it.

Tell you what–just as a means of checks and balances, and of course to keep sharp, the first person to name the other liberties guaranteed by the 1st Amendment will win a worth while prize!

Therefore, predicated upon yesterday and previous posts regarding the abhorrent situation in Berkeley, California, please join me in what is really happening. This in today from the editorial staff at The San Francisco Chronicle: Click right here X.  

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