Tolerance or Discrimination..?

scrolland-pen.jpgThe earth and the solar system, one being a part of the other, seem to get along as one balanced entity. Although volcanoes have been seen erupting here on earth, eruptions are common on other planets within the same system. Moreover, some planets support hydrochloric and sulfuric acid atmospheres, there is nonetheless a harmony that exists within this well-planned solar system and the universe as we know it.

Many could assume that this writer must be an evolutionist; all things being natural and all the volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, mudslides, and weather idiosyncrasies are just a part of the way things are. And to a degree I agree, and to a different degree, I disagree.

However, when I look at a human being—a little tiny baby—for the first days of their lives, speaking only for myself here, this newly born individual with their parts and functions exist in harmony—just like everything else in the universe—until humankind gets involved.

Please allow me to stipulate while elaborating. How do those itty-bitty fingernail cells know to go to the fingers, and not say…eyelash cells? How do reproductive organ cells know a) where to go, b) what gender they are and c) what part of reproduction system to report too? Do you think sperm cells feels jaded? How about female eggs? At any time for one or the other it simply could be: 

‘Look out gang…it’s a false alarm! Or on the other side, oh well, another month on the mattress?’

This is not an entirely new ‘hot of the press’ notion; however, whenever humankind gets involved with anything, or for that matter, everything humans touch or try to change invariably comes to unspecified demolition. It seems pretty clear to me that if we just left some things alone—fetal stem cells, organ harvesting, cloning, real backdoor rusty knife kind of stuff—the world would be better off.

Face it! C’mon now folks, let’s bring it real—really real. Since when has humankind ever gotten along with other members of their species? Seems real obvious to me that since Day One people have not been able to get along and live without injecting some of their stuff onto another person. I am positive that’s why Christianity has gotten a bad rap. There are literally all kinds of sinners out there telling other’s their way is not the right way.

This same phenomenon is going on in just about every aspect of social existence: Your way is not the right way, mine is, and therefore you need to change. Partially right and partially wrong.

I am of the position that no human has the right to go into another human’s area of operation and force their beliefs, their ways and customary traditions on a society which those beliefs are not part of the norm. Unfortunately this goes for gays, lesbians, trans-sexuals, transvestites, Muslims, emanate domain, organ harvesters, illegal aliens, and abortionists.

These folks have all either inhabited or invaded some spaces where their particular conduct is against that norm or acceptable standard. Tolerance is a good thing; without it, America would not be here. But to make a Caligulaistic, immoral, and hedonistic society for the pursuit of one’s own pleasure and claim discrimination if one doesn’t get their ways is blatantly unacceptable.

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