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Caught With Their Skirts down…

1222-kings08.jpgMeanwhile just up the road about 76-80 miles north east, one would run in to Sacramento, California where the “Kings” the professional basketball team who plays there seem to be having just a small problem—if that of course, is what anyone wants to refer to it as. 

Caught with their skirts down. Off the job and out of uniform. Make the jokes – bloggers are – but the Sacramento Kings aren’t laughing and are mostly mum on a public relations flap over some salacious photos posted online of its Royal Court dancers. 

Photos showing members of the Sacramento Kings’ dance team partying were uploaded to a picture-sharing Web site, then circulated by a blogger to sites such as http://www.withleather.com. Online gawking ensued as other bloggers joined in. www.withleather.com 

Anyone under the sun who has ever been any professional sports event knows dawg-on well that these ladies are every bit a part of the entertainment as what’s happening on the court, field, or ice. Seriously, you don’t think people can justify the prices charged to get in just to see a bunch of huge men sweating or wearing skin tight pants now do you?

Moreover, upon perusal of the photographs, frankly I don’t see why folks are upset! Yes, I have seen more in Church. When was the last time any one of you went to a high school campus? And gang, onus is on the word campus! Not gymnasium or football field or basketball court mind you, I’m referring to the classrooms. And yes! One is going to see more than this lot in high school classrooms. Just out of curiosity, anyone look at how their daughters dressed up last Halloween? Ahem… 

“With the advent of the Internet, YouTube, MySpace and Facebook, these things take on a life of their own,” said Douglas Elmets, president of Elmets Communications, a public relations firm in Sacramento.

The story could have legs, he said, if not dealt with head-on and immediately. “They have to come clean,” Elmets said.

“Young girls look up to them and I presume old men lust after them,” Elmets said of the dance squad known as the Royal Court. Give me a break!

With comments like that, the Sacramento Kings would be better off getting rid of Elmets PR firm and hiring one of the Royal Court to take over the advertising and marketing campaigns.

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