Money, the root of all evil!

jk-rowling.jpgJ.K. Rowling’s attitude is a classic example of when human decency ceases and unadulterated greed takes over. Billionaire Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, would feel “exploited” if a fan’s unofficial encyclopedic companion to the boy wizard series was published, she said in court papers made public on Thursday.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Let it be made known that no one accumulates that kind of wealth by their own efforts.

This certainly doesn’t imply that Ms. Rowling hasn’t worked, and if to be believed, even at times going without the ‘finer’ things in life. However, we must all understand that without Warner Bros. productions, Scholastic Publishing, agents, promoters, and those unnamed people who helped make financial matters meet.

Yet the fact is we can never go the whole way alone. Warner Bros is a unit of Time Warner Inc, which owns the copyright and trademark rights to the Harry Potter books. 

In papers filed for a lawsuit in Manhattan, J.K. Rowling says she feels “betrayed” by a fan, Steven Vander Ark, for his role in trying to publish an unauthorized reference work, “Harry Potter Lexicon.”

RDR Books has said Vander Ark, a librarian, had spoken at Harry Potter academic conferences in Britain, Canada and the United States and that a timeline he created was used by Warner Bros. in DVD releases of the Harry Potter films. ( And this is a ‘fan’?)

Moreover, the company and Vander Ark have said the book would only promote the sale of Rowling’s work and that Vander Ark’s Web site, used by 25 million visitors, had been called “a great site” by Rowling herself. One of several websites that literally vaulted Ms. Rowling’s successes even further.

In addtion, we must never forget those young people who spent time, money, and their lives creating, ‘all matters Harry Potter’ and the like.

Vander Ark is editor of a Web site containing a fan-created collection of essays and encyclopedic material on the Potter universe, including lists of spells and potions found in the books, a catalog of magical creatures and a who’s who in the wizarding world.

“I believe that RDR’s book constitutes a Harry Potter ‘rip off’ of the type I have spent years trying to prevent, and that both I, as the creator of this world, and fans of Harry Potter, would be exploited by its publication,” she said. This clearly sounds more like God than a writer, and not even a humble one at that.


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