Navratilova Bounces Back To Being Czech

martina.jpgTennis legend Martina Navratilova has taken back Czech citizenship – after saying she was ashamed of her adopted homeland, the United States. Why is this so typical? What is the irony I sense here?

Oh yeah! It was us, here in the USA that literally opened our loving arms and provided her a safe haven.

The record-breaking star fled her native Czechoslovakia more than 30 years ago to live in the US. She told a news conference in Tokyo that she has now reassumed her Czech nationality.

She said: “I lost it at the time I defected. I got it back on January 9.” The 51-year-old former world champion said she was maintaining dual nationality and keeping her US passport. Ahem…

Born in Prague, Navratilova fled to the United States in 1975 at the height of the Cold War, angering communist authorities who stripped her of her nationality. She became a US citizen six years later. You see when the process is done properly it does work!

But Navratilova said last year that while she was once ashamed about Czechoslovakia, she was now ashamed of the United States under President George Bush. She told Czech newspaper reporter: “The thing is that we elected Bush. That is worse! Against that, nobody chose a communist government in Czechoslovakia.”

Furthermore, she has courted controversy in the States by comparing Republican politicians to Eastern Bloc communists for allegedly suppressing free speech.It seems that under the ‘Patriot Act’ there are various clauses that stipulate to these kinds of atrocities. Please don’t put this under the ‘We the People’ banner of free speech, simply because this is not free speech. What Martina is doing is called ‘expressing herself.’

Moreover, I beg not to indulge in the clauses for ‘Freedom of Expression’ inasmuch as that would constitute ‘Hate Speech’ which is a direct violation of the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Whatever, as for me I feel she should not only lose her U.S.A. citizenship but also surrender her U.S.A. passport as well. Furthermore, at one time in my life I would have done anything for Martina: smuggled her out of her country, smuggled her to asylum here in the USA; I would have died for her.

Hey Martina! Do me a personal favor and don’t come back you ungrateful biotch! In the interim I’ll be the one camped out at the State Department begging for your unpatriotic, traitorous butt being deported.

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  1. You know, it is this type of response that utterly sickens me. However, I’ll get over it. Look…I am sure the Czech Republic is a magnificent place to live; it’s beautiful there, the culture is well-defined, and most Czech’s I’ve known are loving and great people.

    When writing a response one always needs to stick to the topic. What I wrote about is an ungrateful person who has received so much and then disrespects those who allowed her to have it. That was my thesis and each paragraph addresses that, or something Martina espoused.

    On the other hand, you come directly after me. Why? I don’t know and quite openly, I don’t care either. You don’t know me from a bar of soap; yet, you criticize me as if you did. You, a person who responds to something I’ve written, in all lower case, disrespecting every grammar convention in English think you have some God given right to criticize me? If you are immune to making mistakes then please, pick up the first stone you find and fire away.

    My article is an adaptation of an article printed in England that I was given permission to reprint. If you’ve got a problem, take it up with them.

    Just remember, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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