Why Education? Some answers…

Just by a show of hands, did anyone come up with the answers to the four questions highlighted in the middle of this article? This is not one of the answers, but has anyone ever thought of education being a privilege? Hummm….Ask a high school, middle, or elementary school student this question and brace yourself! I think the best I’ve ever heard at those ages was ‘school is a curse.’

Believe me as I sit and write there are times when I think…(Ah…the old days when kids worked the farms, didn’t have proper clothes, parents needed their help with the family…back when those sitting in the one-room-schoolhouse were glad and proud to be there.) Then I realize that it’s just a thought, a passing daydream.

Unfortunately for every person involved-parents, children, cousins, teachers, administrators, tutors, and custodians-very few of us care to remember, read, or view a film that illustrates that portion of American history. This of course is during varying times say during the colonial period, Revolutionary, Industrial period (1830-50s), Civil War tragedy, then of course, just when we thought it was safe, the Great Depression hit along with two World wars.

In a nutshell, one of the main purposes of education is to assist the society in which we live. More philosophers, theologians, and the ‘ancients’ of academia-Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato for starters-have emphasized the concept in human history that has involved to some degree, the transmission of the cultural heritage from one generation to the next.

As simply as possible then the main function of education (subsequently ‘schooling’) has been to transmit values within the culture’s heritage. Why? Educated people who read and write are able to keep records thus, establishing the foundation for any given society and culture as a whole.

That’s enough for now…much more on the way!

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