Dear Medieval

This little piece is for an interesting person who lives in Canada. I don’t know ‘Medieval’s’ identity or anything whatsoever about who the person is; however, I will say that I love what he/she is doing with their blog. I was looking at some various writers at Mister Wong’s when I happened upon Medieval’s article. This is my response. Originally, it was so long I thought, heck, just post it. So without further ado…Dear Medieval:

I don’t think it is at all fair to say that you ‘heard something from someone’ and then start a rant about it, but then again, it’s your blog.

Moreover, and with great respect to you, it is a lovely and fair statement to say that the American government does NOT reflect the American people. I agree that nothing could be further from the truth. Currently, the people of the United States are at great odds with those who allege being “elected representatives.”

Your assessment vis-a-vie health care in the USA are about as correct as Hillary Clinton dodging bullets in Kosovo-it just isn’t real, or close to reality for that matter.

It is however prudent to assess, examine, and peruse every bit of material available before making assertions regarding a natural disaster or even aligning such with ‘health care.’ Not too many people have come to the realization that when catastrophes do occur that are simply so powerful as to literally lock everyone inside the city walls-one is being extremely realistic when knowing that those who cannot get out are the same folks that rescuer’s are desperately trying to get too. Ostensibly, if one can’t get out, how does one get in?

Back to your sources-could you provide any semblance of name, position, or identity of anyone who stated, “no boats and planes…and will be fired upon” in an attempt to assist the USA during Hurricane Katrina?

I think it is great to take pride in being Canadian; I have loads of friends and associates that are Canadian, and I have spent an immeasurable amount of time traveling in, on, over, under, and throughout Canada. I love the place and the folks. I have always treated them with the greatest of respect and have found nothing shy of the same from them; however, that is not something that is unique to Canada, insofar as it should be one’s overall demeanor all of the time.

No one person, or group thereof has ever stated the notion of “closing the border” with Canada. That foolish decision could not  be made my any one individual or the U.S. Congress. Moreover, us Canada lovers would never allow that to happen. Realistically it is a pipe dream-logistically it would become like a 9th wonder of the world. Hell, the USA is having difficulty with 50 miles of proper fencing along the ‘war zone’ border area with Mexican and Colombian cartels.

And finally, the arrangements between the two neighboring countries-Canada and the USA-militarily speaking are far and above any thing you or I could possibly discuss coherently. This much I do know: whenever governments engage in the process of investing billions of dollars (more like trillions!) in the training, operation, systems, for joint security, please toss a little decency my way. I work with hundreds of Canadian military personnel and the rotations of USA military folks and Canadian military folks are far too expansive to think otherwise. Way up in North Canada there is a 300 billion dollar tracking station used for strategic purposes, just as Cheyenne Mountain in the central Rockies supports NORAD 18 stories below ground.

As writers, we are above all of this; I do understand your feelings and God knows I emphasize with you. It is not to comfortable right now being American; however, those of us who write and people do read us…must transcend the pettiness of deceitfulness brought on by a irresponsible main-stream press.

Canada’s greatest natural resource is their ladies! In everything from film to fashion Canada rules!

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