Gay Couples Rejoice at Ruling

SAN FRANCISCO – Gay and lesbian couples in San Francisco rejoiced Thursday over a California Supreme Court decision affirming their right to marry even as political leaders on both sides of the issue girded for an extended fight in the courts and at the ballot box.

“It’s just amazing to feel like I am a full citizen – I am not a second-class citizen, I don’t have to sit in the back of the bus, and I don’t have to take second best.”

What a load of manure! Since when has any one of the (ready?): Gay, Lesbian, Transvestite, Gender Sexuality Confused, Trans-sexual (‘he-she’), or alleged sexually (dis) orientated person ever faced what partners, Christmas Laubrile, a nurse, who was with her partner, Alice Heimsoth, said today?

Among those celebrating were Gavin Newsom, the city’s mayor, who had set off a fair amount of the national debate over gay marriage in 2004 when he ordered the county clerk to issue licenses to same-sex couples.

“What a day for San Francisco, what a day for California, what a day for America, what a day for equality,” Mr. Newsom said before a crowd of several hundred jubilant supporters at San Francisco City Hall.

Even as gay rights groups hailed the decision, however, opponents of same-sex marriage said they wanted to put the issue to a test before California voters in November. Conservative groups have proposed an amendment to the state Constitution banning gay marriage and have gathered more than a million signatures in an effort to get it on the ballot.

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As a Post Script (P.S.) These people who’ve lobbied and though no medical and or psychological evidence supports that they are any different-biologically-than anyone else, somehow have managed to (1) receive ‘Anti-discrimination’ assistance; (2) Get unisex bathrooms; (3) and now folks, the very fabric our nation was built and forged upon, is at risk of the hands of liberals. One would have thought they’d learned in the 1960s but no; 1970s nope; 1980s still nada; 1990s nil; 2000s hell, now marriage.

* Photo credit: Jim Wilson/NYT

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