This is NOT the American Way

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How many times have you asked yourself-even better-how many times have you kicked yourself in the rear end after making a decision with a few choice words, “…if only I knew”?

Rarely ever in life do we get these rare opportunities of almost divine foresight, or for some, déjà vu, too literally see into the future or having lived a particular situation somewhere, somehow, and at times with someone we know or want to know.

Time to make book folks! If I were a betting person I’d advise everyone to wager everything-including the farm-of what Barack Obama and the democratic party have in store for this country over the next four years. Just a small prelude:

At a town hall meeting in Georgia, presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama told an audience that, “you need to make sure that your child can speak Spanish.” Speaking in Powder Springs, Ga., the Illinois Senator said that the nation’s chief priority should not be for immigrants to learn English, but for American children to learn Spanish.

I am all about phrenology and utilizing our brains as much as possible including learning new languages! However, many Existentialist philosophers would be also quick to point out the notion of freedom of choice to do so at home and particularly in one’s own country.

I’m not altogether certain if I’ve seen such hypocrisy centralized in one place. I mean this person, Obama, is saying one thing out of the left side of his mouth and totally doing the precise opposite out of the right side.

I am not aware of any organization that sports a Mission Statement that is demanding that everything in America be done in English. I do know of a magnificent source that has answers to most every question asked from government costs of printing to how many languages are spoken in your state.

Please do yourself a favor and visit U.S. English .  It is not incumbent upon a people to change their culture to accommodate folks who would like to be part of it, albeit legally or illegally.

Lots more coming…

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