Hypocrisy and Double Standards, but What Else is New?

Where' the Love?

Where's the Love?

Here we are once again at the crossroads of the your way-and–my way;  your way sucks and don’t ever do it!  But it’s our word and we will use it the way we want too! You have no idea what’s it like to be called this word, but since it’s our word we’re going to use it with love, endearment, and in judging people.

Is this a little confusing to you? It sure is for me, but I do have an understanding of how reverse prejudice works on the one hand and on the other I have come clean with myself that racists are racist’s and color of one’s skin has very little to do with it. 

Just as certain members of The View  television program stated, the “N” word should not be used by anyone. A suggestion I might add is plain and simple, clear, concise, and to the point. If for whatever reason a particular word is deemed “offensive and condescending” and by mutual respect the word is taken out of the primary culture’s list of acceptable words, then I agree with notion wholeheartedly.

Think of it this way: There’s a television program called “The L Word”; we know about the “N Word”; we also know that in most teen circles and young adults the “P Word” is off limits, as is the “F Word’ and the “S” Word; insofar as the older folks are concerned the “D” Word simply does not exist in their vocabulary either.

What are we becoming as a learned society? Well fact of the matter is we’re not. Implementing double standards for members of the same society is wrong; and that my good friends are why the word is not acceptable.

It does not make sense whatsoever to say to one sector, “it’s unacceptable ‘and don’t ever call me that'”  and for another sector the word is allegedly used to convey endearment or how to describe a situation; however, only black people can use it that way. I’m of the firm conviction that if there is a word being used in any language that means either debilitating or condescending issues, then the word in its entirety should be banned.

Experience has taught me that this is not the first time something like this has happened. Take for example in the 1960s when two Olympians stood a top the pedestals’ receiving their medals and during the National Anthem raising a black-gloved left hand. It was during this same time that “Black Power” got going and I don’t remember hearing anyone saying anything about discrimination then.

A year or so later, Blacks did not want to be called ‘Blacks’ anymore. During the onset of the Richard Pryor and especially the Angela Davis years it was “Afro-Americans.” One problem still existed; since the hairdo was an afro, and of course, through the evolvement of language it now became “African-American.” And here’s the irony in all this rubbish: people of every other color from green to red just went along and tried to get along.

What a crock of bull-squat! You’re not going to hear Dr. William Cosby espousing that idea anytime soon, or ever for that matter. Unfortunately there is some degree of truth to what The Most Honorable Whoopi Goldberg and Taye Diggs say when they allege that we do live in different worlds. That will be addressed in a different article tomorrow or during the week.

I meant how I introduced Ms. Goldberg as the “The Most Honorable”; some might wonder why? Because she is! Beyond any question of doubt, Whoopi Goldberg is one of the smartest and most intelligent people I’ve had the pleasure of seeing; consequently, most of the time Whoopi is misunderstood. Why again? It is because she resides on a mental plane so high that it takes a long time for her to get people up there…where reality is. Now, on the other hand, Mr. Diggs, good try, but you are no Ms. Goldberg.

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