Redistribution of Wealth; the Civil Rights Movement; and Don’t Ask that Question

To much bull squat, for me!

Rush Limbaugh wrote an excellent book called, The Way Things Ought to Be, where he describes how things are with the state of the United States and the way things ought to be. Interestingly, there isn’t anything remotely scientific about it…contrarily, the book dealt with issues of good and plain common sense.

Predicated upon that notion alone, it is simply amazing at how easier things become when one uses common sense, rather than try and redefine and retool everything that’s in its place.

Three matters for today, and I’ll try and be brief: Redistribution of Wealth; the Civil Rights Movement; and Don’t Ask that Question.

Redistribution of Wealth: It is precisely what it is-this is the rubbish that makes for great fables and tales. Are you going to try and tell me that “taking from the rich and giving it to the poor” is going to work? In ancient or modern history someone please tell me how this tried and failed system is magically going to work under the helm of Beamin’ Barack Obama? Moreover, aren’t we already doing that by having the top 50% of earners taxed at a higher rate? How about 10% of people in this country paying 67% of all the taxes?

No human being alive wants their hard-earned money taxed or government siphoned and given to someone that does not have the effort it takes to pursue the “American Dream.” Shame on all of those who are gullible enough to believe this fecal excrement! What you’re really going to be doing is helping irresponsible people stay lazy, on their bums, with both hands out and getting something they don’t deserve!

Civil Rights Movement: I heard for the first time today what lies beneath the façade called Barack Obama. This orator believes that the distribution of wealth should have been the centrality of the civil rights movement. That’s right and I heard him say it. Forget about Affirmative Action, Welfare, and special circumstances for alleged “student athletes” of ‘color.’* Obama believes that the civil rights movement wasn’t nearly successful because the courts could not get involved making decisions about you and your money!

Ladies and gentlemen-for those of you who don’t know-that is the most reckless disregard for the truth I’ve heard! Moreover, it’s playing the dreaded “Race Card.”

God forbid you ask a public servant–someone who already gets paid by you–a simple question. There is an elitist attitude going on here that reeks of bull squat! An ordinary citizen asks Obama a question, and because the egocentric Obama doesn’t like the question, the asker, ‘Joe the plumber’ has had his right to privacy utterly invaded! It’s more than invasion of privacy, it’s a double standard!

And a news anchor in Orlando, Florida asks a ‘running mate’ Joseph Biden (who unsuccessfully sought his party’s nomination at least 3 times, and lost!) a question that deals with an ideology known as Communism, the mere mention of Karl Marx, gets the station banned from further coverage of the Obama campaign? Where is the fairness in that?

Let me be the one who reminds you of this fact: We have been ‘promised’ secure borders for at least 25-years; is that frickin’ fence built yet? How do you like the 20 plus million or so illegal aliens living amongst us? It’s not the folks who came here legally I’m concerned about; it is the illegals who disregard our laws and then get loans they can’t pay off and “Main Street” takes it in the shorts. And you’re buying into all of this fecal material? You actually believe this stuff?

America Wake Up!

* “Student athletes” of ‘color’ are not required to produce or maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) whilst entering a university on scholarship; these students are allowed in with a 1.8 GPA.

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