How Important is Character..?

Character counts!

Character counts!

I have been struggling with this entire scenario for years now. Education and America’s youth are definitely issues that I write about more than any other issues.

I can’t explain it in its entirety, however, I will make an attempt at opening up this site and encouraging anyone and everyone to comment or participate.

The reality I’m discussing is the notion of “America’s Public Education” and how screwed up it has become. Moreover, I’m addressing the teachers who have for years-far too long-being blamed for things that they have little or no control over. And the more and more I learned, the more and more I got angry.

 It’s this way: Whenever you point your finger at another person, you always have three pointing back at you.

Ladies and gentlemen I want to candy coat this reality as much as possible; however, there comes a moment when it’s time to take the gloves off and duke it out. Essentially what I’m referring to is you may not like what I’m saying; nonetheless, the data is reliable and quite valid to suggest otherwise.

Indictment of the American Family

The following data comes from the Josephson’s Institute, Center for Youth Ethics that should start an avalanche of controversy with the media; however, this data does not support America’s agenda of the way things really are.

Josephson Institute’s 2008 Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth is based on a survey of nearly 30,000 students in high schools across the U.S. The results paint a troubling picture of our future politicians and parents, cops and corporate executives, and journalists and generals.

STEALING: In bad news for business, more than 30% of the respondents openly admitted to stealing from a store within the last year which is up 2% from 2006 (35% male 26% female).

LYING: More than 42 percent said that they sometimes lie to save money. Again there are significance differences with gender (49% male, 39% female); however, included in the Report was this fact:

CHEATING: Cheating in school continues to be rampant and it’s getting worse. A substantial majority (64 percent) cheated on a test during the past year (38 percent did so two or more times), up from 60 percent and 35 percent, respectively, in 2006. There were no gender differences on the issue of cheating on exams.

Predicated upon this data we stand firmly among the claims of a huge, dysfunctional disconnect between what parents perceive and the reality of the situation. Subsequently, we would like to ask: With this type of unethical behavior why parents and others who are outside the classroom so willingly to place blame on teachers?

These results beg some easy questions: Where is the American family headed? Where is the transmission of values, ethics, morals, and appropriate ethos?

Even more troubling is something that is completely missing from this Report: Parents and adults.

Is this what we want for America’s young people?

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