Compromise, Manipulation, or a Crock?

Who is being 'compromised'?

Who is being 'compromised'?

Today I happened upon a (I think) new blog called “TheLittleCog.” Actually I was attracted to the design and layout of the blog inasmuch as I have one very, very similar to it.

Actually the writing is quite good and for todays offering the author chose to discuss the issue of Proposition 8 on the ballot in California; basically, whether or not the people of the great state of California wanted to sanction homosexual marriages in the state’s constitution. Starting with the opening here’s the writer:

“I have had a little back and forth with another blogger on another blog about utilizing the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution to fight anti-gay marriage laws.” Here I come…

Before I go any further with this topic, I need to suggest that if there is one particular notion that good, solid, moral fiber type human beings dislike is this:

Utilizing the 14th Amendment

Now with all due respect to the writer of the aforementioned quote, to utilize something-anything as far as I’m concerned means to find utility. Utility literally means: to find usefulness, value, convenience, service, or advantage for one’s own benefit, ergo, to literally find by digging or manipulating the language of a given law or amendment thereto.

Many argue that this is the real beauty of the U.S. Constitution and very well may have been written the way that it is to inspire or create compromise. I believe that this is precisely what various advocacy organizations do in order to ‘get their way.’

No one under the Sun believes his or her way is wrong. Period. Let’s face it. Everyone thinks that they, or their ways are right. However, what really irks me is when one’s social and cultural “right” has little or nothing to do with right or wrong…just their particular “rights.”

Ostensibly biology, anatomy, physiology, including mental physiological processes and although some rather irresponsible literature cite ’sexual orientation’ as something other than traditional heterosexual sexual activity, there remains no basis anywhere for one to claim some ‘orientation.’

And seriously folks, between all of the political action committees, special interest groups, and advocacy organizations out there it seems that the only real discrimination going on is against those who choose to live a regular, ordinary life.

Therefore in closing I would like to espouse just a small bit on ‘rights’: When one thinks of rights what the heck are they really thinking? Many of my loyal readers know that I write a great deal on the subject of rights. So again I ask this question, only now I will select various groups and hope to get a response from them.

To the Atheist I ask: What are your rights? Where did you get these rights? By who or what power grants these ‘rights’?

To the ethnic diversity in America I ask: What are your rights? Where did you get these rights?

To the religious establishment inclusive (Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Jews) What are your rights? Where did you get these rights? Why do you folks refer to them as “your rights”?

Lastly I ask everyone: “Rights talk”; who made the original notion of Natural rights? Civil rights? Marital rights? Sexual orientation rights? Rights that demand a nation change its language to better suit you?

Someone, anyone chime in here and tell me about your and my rights, please.


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