A Light-hearted story about…

What I learned
What I learned

Well what do you know, it’s Friday and I’d like to keep it light-hearted today. I really would like to share a story of “Me and the Iranian Librarian” that by happenstance occured this past week.

In short I’d gone to the library to return some books (of course they were late!) I’d been reading preparing for an article to be featured here at American Age.

Once we began chatting I asked her where he accent was from; no joke, whilst holding her breath she mumbled “Irannnn umm, Persia.” Being the gregarious person that I am I began explaining that one need not be ashamed or even hesitant to share where their accent was from or where they were born.

In fact, her actions taught me more than my words will ever be able to express. Funny thing as well, after a while she meekly told me that she’d only been an American citizen for just a little over 30-years.

Anyway we began chatting about the moral fiber of this nation–which of course was by my lead–and whilst identifying some of the primary reasons for what I referred to as “Lowering the Bar” and America being thought of as she is today by other nations only then did she really start participating. Yet it was still very important to me that I needed to:

 Explain to her that very few people align themselves with the ideologies of their leaders. Therefore, was it reasonable to look at someone any different albeit if they are Iranian, Indonesian, or Pacific Islander simply because the country where they were born some 60 years ago may or may not be perceived as it once was? We both started laughing!

Yet the importance of chatting with her is with what I learned. After going through my spill of America’s failing grades, the lowered character standards, and just how people will do anything in this country to ensure their own personal gain.

Seriously folks let’s look at this together: In the last three years with politics as our guide, we’ve seen ‘Scooter’ Libby go down, William Jefferson get caught on video tape taking a bribe of $100,000; Elliot Spitzer, the Mayor of New York, and his prostitution exploits; Valerie Plame and her rush into the grab bag of bucks, Representative Richardson from Texas, not to mention Governor Blagojevich trying to sell not only a Senate seat to the highest bidder, but folks we all know if they got 300 hours of tape of this guy talking there will be a lot more to come. Of course I will not leave out Rep. Cunningham from California,  who went into office seeing just how much money he could ‘print.’

This is every bit or more obnoxious that William ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton charging and receiving money for allowing folks to sleep in the Lincoln bed in the White House.

Is there any wonder at all why the world’s largest banks, investment brokerages, insurance companies, entire auto industries coming in and asking an already ‘band of thieves’ for more money! And ladies and gentlemen we haven’t even started with those special interest groups a.k.a. lobbyists and the damage they’ve reeked on our Nation.

The time I spent chatting with my friend the “Iranian Librarian” was priceless. And patiently waiting until I was done she didn’t state, or forcefully ram anything down my head, she simply asked me this:

How much do you think money may have a hand in these changes you mention?”   Please think about it.


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