The Realities of Same-sex marriage


Civil unions are an inadequate substitute for marriage. Creating a separate, new legal structure to confer some benefits on same-sex couples neither honors American ideals of fairness, nor does it grant true equality. The results are clearly visible in New Jersey, which continues to deny same-sex couples some of the tangible civil benefits that come with marriage.*

I happened upon this article today in the Opinion section of the New York Times. This article is written from the perspective of supporters of same-sex marriage and therefore, bias cannot be ignored. However, one needs to clear their minds for a moment, then go to HERE for a gentle read, and then to HERE for support of the previous claims.

Kids are off limits!

Kids are off limits! (Photo: Darryl Bush)

As I have maintained for years now, I fail to see the legitimacy desired by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered individuals, couples, and especially their special interest ‘seed’ money. (LGBT’s) As I have felt for years this group of people have deflected and decoupled the issue of same-sex marriage and it’s intended ‘rights.’

Just like LGBT’s in the military has very little to do with patriotism or national defense, what is it then that this community desires so desperately from the United States military?

Interestingly, or should I say-sadly-this separate by unequal argument has nothing whatsoever to do with civil rights. In true humankind nature this argument teetering on civil unrest is about benefits and greed.

In a time when there have been massive ‘bailouts’ of entire industries, billions of dollars thrown at Wall Street, billions thrown at most banks, investment firms, and money managers, don’t you think it is time for someone to start level thinking about this abhorrent situation?

As I have suggested before and will continue to do so allow me to suggest various and sundry issues that are being egregiously and completely over-looked. Can anyone comprehend the weight or drag placed on health care? I’m not an insensitive person; I am a realist. Yet if a deadly disease is expanded through this community aren’t we really asking for medical care benefits under the guise of ‘marriage.’? 

Offensive to some?

Offensive to some?

In informal discussions of late we have been asking, surveying, and polling people regarding the issue of divorce. Statistically 50% of first-time marriages end in divorce; worse is that 70% of second-time marriages are doomed the same way. Do you think there would be a small drag, or ball-and-chain weight on the courts?

How about domestic violence? Presently most cities don’t have enough law enforcement for the current conditions. If there is anything that is human nature it is that humankind simply cannot get along without fighting.

Families, brothers, sisters, Hatfield’s, McCoy’s, interpersonal-intimate relationships, marriages, congress’s, communities, all engage daily in some kind of fight, on the larger scale, when was the last ten year period when the United States wasn’t involved in some conflict? Look at Africa, the Balkan’s, not to mention jihad’s and ‘Holy’ wars.

It is time in America’s young history to stand up and say: “Hey you may want this…however, we don’t” as was the cases in California, Florida, and Arizona in the recent elections.

* Continue reading New York Times article HERE.


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