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signingdec2When one looks at the history of America, even a casual cursory glance, it isn’t difficult to think back to the origins of America. Depending of course on what part of this great nation you live in-each region has it’s own unique history-from Florida to Washington, Massachusetts to California, and every State between them including Alaska and Hawaii, indeed have rich and vibrant histories.

For most they have very, very pleasant memories about the times during that area’s process of growing up. I’m sure when one thinks of the Colonial era there must be; white, heavily dusted wigs for the aristocrats, with corset’s and petticoats with lace and satin that adorned their wives.

However, not everyone was an aristocrat. Far from it actually; subsequently, most of the folks during that period were merchants, farmers, tradesmen, artisans, clergy, and law enforcement. Suffice it to say that most folks lived in, or very close to the urban area of the big sea–faring cities. If one were to look at the big centers of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Alexandria, and the Chesapeake Bay area, it is not hard to figure out that all of these were and to this day, originally port towns. This precise growth pattern holds true for the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to the Gulf of Mexico.

In fact, if one really wanted too it would be quite easy to connect every major city in America by port-to-river to America’s first mass transportation network, the canal system. Furthermore, at the dawning of each of these new means of transport became available the larger the country grew as well as its commerce and rural population.

It wasn’t long before those very aristocratic wig wearers established the following:

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free… it expects what never was and never will be.” -Thomas Jefferson

Therefore, American’s valuing their freedom and liberties and henceforth not wanting to lose them-or even if it were for the pursuit of a better standard of living-education in this nation was a sought after dream. There were a lot of Tom Sawyer’s and Huckleberry Finn’s; yet, there were far more John-Boy Walton’s who knew that learning meant knowledge and knowledge meant wisdom.

As a result, the larger the procreating families, of course meant the greater demand for schooling. It wouldn’t be long before churches, civic organizations, and state governments got involved.

Part one on a series of Education and Moral Values



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