Adult Entertainment bailout, Why not?

Is America Lost?

Is America Lost?

We just couldn’t let this news pass by without just a tiny bit of commentary. It seems as though every industry is being affected by the current financial crisis the world is suffering.

Some one posted an article from the CNN Political Ticker that states:

Porn industry seeks federal bailout

It really reads like a ‘spoof’ on the adult entertainment industry rather than a legitimate request. This type of journalistic posturing, in this nation makes me want to scream!

Why not provide them with bailout bucks? Is that industry any less immune to economic pressure? Is adult entertainment less an industry than say, any other industry in our country? Stop kidding yourselves, where are the protester’s and rights activists’ when you need them?  

For the record in no way does American Age condone pornography; we have our own opines about the industry. Yet, at the same time we feel that this is the pinnacle of double-standards.

Seriously now folks we have more special interests groups and government funding for sexual orientation and AIDS research, along with research studies on how much the government could make by putting forth policy that would somehow legalize same-sex marriage.

If we were to think of Eliot Spitzer, former Govenor of New York who went down in flames over the sting from his single female companion; why don’t we include Senator Vitter from Louisiana who did the same thing, yet, something made his indiscretion tolerable because he admitted it before it became front page news.

And least we ever forget the Office of the President inhabited by a unscrupulous person named Bill Clinton. What already! Did you think he and Monica were watching National Security videos in the Oval office?

Here’s the kicker folks…name any industry from big sports, big auto, movie-making, brokerage, banks, and clergy and every one of them has suffered some serious crisis’ because of sexual behavior.

For an article to read as a ‘spoof’ rather than what the adult entertainment industry really is, and whatever it contributes, one really should take the time to see just how big—humongous that that industry is—just in this country.

Moral of this story: Why not provide them with bailout bucks? If there is one good matter that has come out of that industry it assuredly is a real understanding of the 1st Amendment, particularly freedom of the press and freedom of speech. We need to stop with the double standards in the United States; moreover, our elected congressional officials need to get over themselves and their ‘perceived power.’  


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