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Moral Compass
Moral Compass

American Age does not wish to be the bearers of bad news; but, we do feel that a lot of matters currently going on in America are initiated and instigated by those who refuse to understand rights, the U.S. Constitution, Equal Employment Opportunities, and the concept of basic assimilation or the simple matter of respect.

This can be summed up quite easily and effortessly: ‘Rights’: You have the right to live (although some people don’t think you do); You have a right to be free; and you have the right to be able to seek happiness or as some allege, seek creativeness.

This is basically the Natural Rights theory as put together by John Locke a 17th century philosopher, politician, and economist. This theory is also what the Founding Fathers believed when they were inventing a nation, the United States of America.

So where does this absolute nonsense come from?

Legal Victory for Sikh Prison Guard Applicant

Prison Guard ApplicantDecember 1, 2008 – (Fremont, CA) A Sikh correctional officer applicant to the California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation was told he must shave his religiously-mandated beard for a gasmask fit test or sacrifice his job opportunity. After a legal battle with the CDCR, an administrative court ruled in his favor.[More Information]

Sikh Coalition Wins Victory for Sukhvir Kaur; NWL Settles Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

November 18, 2008 – A Sikh woman who suffered racial, religious and sexual harassment on the job has obtained justice by standing up to her employer. In a settlement agreemtn, National Wholesale Liquidators, Mrs. Kaur’s former employer, eagreed to make changes to their img_2970employment policies and pay money damages to nine victims of harassment.[More Information]

 NASMDA and Sikh Coalition Partner to Overturn MCAT Turban Search

October 17, 2008 – In partnership with the North American Sikh Medical and Dental Association (NASMDA), the Sikh Coalition this week succeeded in changing a policy that allowed searches and removal of religious headwear worn by Medical Colleges Admission Test (MCAT) examinees. [More Information]


 This is the same Sikh Coalition that I wrote about in yesterday’s article. Notice at the bottom it states: The Voice of a People. We feel that everyone has ‘that’ moment when it is time to be heard; some call this freedom of speech; however, it was never intended to be abused.

As for me at the very least I need to ask myself a few questions. Why are the courts even listening to this? Who or what lawyer filed these law suits? That is only the beginning.

What I’d like to know is as follows: Is there another country that I can either relocate to, or be heard in a court that would allow me to sue for not being able to wear my authorized concealed weapon, a handgun, even though it is part of my religion to do so? As far as a correctional officer is concerned what…does he expect to wear a turban as part of his uniform? Where are all the civil rights activists’ now when this is clearly a church and state matter?

America is a tolerant nation, to a fault. Whenever the misconstruing of religious freedom becomes an issue of what is worn, then the entire understanding of the 1st Amendment is not only being compromised, moreover, it’s being trampled.  Now if anyone has a problem with this explain to me how a kid gets suspended or expelled from school for having fingernail clippers that he/she willfully turned in to the teacher.

America has become so overly tolerant it appears that we just don’t care anymore. Awarding people monies because a person is told they’d look better, even sexier if they didn’t wear the turban is not discrimination; furthermore, it does not belong in a courtroom, and finally I ask: How much longer are we going to put up with special interest groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, the Sikh Coalition, and others?


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