Impact! Special Interests…

Special Interest Groups...

Special Interest Groups...

Impact of Special Interest Groups on the American society is without question one of the most ridiculous concoctions ever blended. Furthermore, if there is one thing you can count on in the United States is just the opposite of what one would think is true and correct is happening.

Whether it is flat out denial or ludicrously liberal the very issues that colonized and settled this nation are no longer important unless you say “This is enough!”

How can a person or group refer to a person as “racist” when the very organization they belong to is funded by the U.S. government and calls itself La Raza, meaning ‘The Race’ in Spanish? Not only do members of this institution, La Raza, believe in their superiority they also have been indicted in gang related activities. In addition, a huge amount of the membership is in the country illegally!

Michelle Malkin, Fox News Contributor, ‘America’s blogger’, and mother and wife has exhaustively researched this and many other organizations. Please utilize this link and visit Mrs. Malkin’s voluminous research. Please click here.

Folks this is must reading albeit one should be prepared to be surprised by how this organization and many others like it are a living and breathing hypocrisy.

Furthermore, as I was preparing to write this little series on special interest groups and their heinous impact on American society, I was amazed at the amounts of money–literally trillions of dollars–that is thrown at unworthy causes and how very, very little of it is accounted for. People, this is your money!

Perhaps the best way I can explain it is through Discover the Networks. This organization gives a comprehensive history on organizations who receive funding from the U.S. government. Moreover, the organization shows other sources of funding any company receiving government funding also receives. Once I read these numbers and who were the recipients, needless to say my “WTF Attitude Scale” exploded.

 Please if you do nothing for the rest of your life…please read and search on! Click you mouse here X.

To start this article for today, we of course consulted The Thinker’s Unofficial Oversight Committee insofar as if we’ve learned anything at the behest of Congress and the Presidency is at least make an attempt at overseeing a project before, during, and after the money rolls.

Here is just a small sample of funding doled out by our elected government officials in Washington D.C. a.k.a. government tax dollars (source Are you ready for this?

Apart from the aforementioned projects, the Fannie Mae Foundation is also an important funder of leftist groups and causes. Among the recent recipients of Fannie Mae philanthropy are: the National Council of La Raza; the Tides Center; the Tides Foundation; the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense & Education Fund; the Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund; the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now; the Children’s Defense Fund; the National Urban League; and the Center for Community Change, the American Civil Liberties Union Fund of the National Capital Area; the Brookings Institution; the Urban Institute; Global Rights; Women Empowered Against Violence; the National Organization for Women Legal Defense and Education Fund; Alliance for Justice; the National Committee for Responsive PhilanthropyPlanned Parenthood; the Institute for Policy Studies; the National Council of Negro Women; the National Black Caucus of State Legislators; the National Women’s Law Center; the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law; the National Alliance to End Homelessness; the Organization for a New Equality; the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation; the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; the National Association of Latino Elected Officials; the National Conference for Community and Justice; Mi Casa My House; the Center for Policy Alternatives; the Multicultural Career Intern Program; the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless; the National Immigration Forumthe Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute; the African American Institute; Latin American Association; WAGES International – Womens Alliance; the National Organization on Disability; the Women’s Legal Defense Fund; the Gay & Lesbian Community Action Council; the International Human Rights Law Group; the Legal Aid Society; the National Association for Public Interest Law; the National Legal Aid & Defender Association; the National Political Congress of Black Women; the Conservation Law Foundation; the Calvary Bilingual Multicultural Learning Center; Peoples Self-Help Housing; the Hacienda Community Development Corporation; Equal Justice Works; East L.A. Community Corporation; the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; the Lao Family Community Development; the Resurrection Project; the League of African-American Women; the Black Womens Agenda; the See Forever Foundation; the Cesar Chavez Public Policy Charter High School; the Coalition for the Homeless; Social Compact; Proyecto Azteca; the Greenlining Institute; the Empowerment Foundation; the National Fair Housing Alliance; Earth Conservation Corps; the New York Immigration Committee; the Progress and Freedom Foundation; the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence; the Alliance for Fairness in Reforms to Medicaid; the Green Institute; Parents, Families, & Friends of Lesbians & Gays; the Council of Latino Agencies; the Citizenship Education Fund; the District of Columbia Appleseed Center for Law and Justice; the Empowerment Network Foundation; the Conservation Fund; Catalyst for Women; Demos: A Network for Ideas and Action; the African American Women’s Resource Center; and the AIDS Action Foundation.

To assist in one’s perusal, various colors have been used to group or categorize like items together.



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    • I should be very, very flattered that someone enjoyed my writing enough to comment on it! Especially when it is the size and readership of “The Daily Parr” or [buzzworthy?]. So thank you for mentioning me in your post.

      However, as wonderful and nice as your gesture is I do have one request: Please, Por Favor, Puhleez and please try and quote me precisely as my writing is from the post.

      In your “for enlightenment” section featuring Ms. Michelle Malkin, you quote from my post. No problem, if and only if, you make an attempt to quote directly; then prior to publishing, double check (especially grammar and format) ensuring that it least looks like my work.

      Unfortunately your comment was picked up as ‘spam’. Due-diligence just like proof reading and correcting mistakes (especially grammar and style) and this may not have occurred. I picked it up and only wish you folks would fix it so as to show the true meaning.

      I mention Ms. Michelle Malkin inasmuch as she’s probably forgotten more than we ‘average’ folks will ever know. My quote was in reference to her character and amazing abilities she has to accomplish the things she does.

      Michelle Malkin, Fox News Contributor, ‘America’s blogger’, and mother and wife has exhaustively researched this and many other organizations. Please utilize this link and visit Mrs. Malkin’s voluminous research. Please click HERE.

      Again, unfortunately the compliment you pay to me is wonderful; however, the substance gets lost in the failure to display the material properly. Cheers!!

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