Illegal Aliens and Bailout?

illegals_1For those who care and take an active role in the ongoing affairs of the very unlawful immigration into our country, have any of you noticed just how little is being said about illegal immigration and this alleged ‘stimulus’ package?

As for American Age we have made it a point to read, see, or hear anything that involves the new and infamous American Recovery and American Reinvestment Act a.k.a. the ‘big bailout’ or the ‘trillion dollar investment into toxic assests’ plan regarding illegal immigration. So what gives?

Revisiting this writing today (it was started January 29, inst.) we indeed have come across one only provision as set forth by the “money handlers and changers” and that is apparently the federal government will be placing a ‘hold’ on various funds to ensure that the individual separate stateswill be using that earmarked money to establish an E-Verifying system for eligibility for employment by those applicants who may or may not have the appropriate identification. (Yay!!)

We have found some special interests’groups that are literally up in arms about this stipulation. Please meet the National Immigration Forum (NIF) another special interest group who has some interesting associations within their board of directors.

Moreover, NIF has some brand new (still warm!) press releases with regards to their plans of proceeds from the bail-out bill. Please read a couple of them here.

Allow me please, but what does special interest groups have to do with stimulating the economy? Furthermore, do you think that anyone here at American Age would willfully donate funds to something we are trying so desperately to stop?

And finally we decided to provide you with some of the particulars vis-a-vie the board of directors at the National Immigration Forum:

The NIF Board of Directors includes such notables as: (a) James Zogby, President of the Arab American Institute; and (b) Jeanne Butterfield, currently the Executive Director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and formerly the Director of the Palestine Solidarity Committee, which acted as the political arm of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Also sitting on the NIF Board are members of the American Civil Liberties Union, the Service Employees International Union, and the Los Angeles branch of the Central American Refugee Center, which backed the Communists in El Salvador’s civil war and helped pioneer the “sanctuary” movement to subvert American immigration law. (Compliments of Discover the Networks.)

When America’s elected officals in Washington D.C. first started painting the picture of fear, gloom and doom, and America was becoming “The Lost/Last Civilization” did anyone expect the amounts of money and/or the way it would be spent? Simply a vote of “No-Confidence” for this congress! It’s time to oust Nan Pelosi, Harry Reid, and about 100 others.




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