It’s Oscar time again, but Heath Ledger, c’mom!!

oscar_lOkay, we stand convicted before you. We have nothing other than common sense and the real world as our defense. Actually, we don’t believe we should even be on trial, let alone convicted, but for the sake of our glorious Bill of Rights, especially the 4th and 5th Amendments, we come to you–our loyal readers–and everyone else who wants to weigh-in on the issue.

It’s OSCAR time in Hollywood, yet once again. What other industry in the remotest parts of the world exalts themselves with so many awards? Think about it: We can only offer a few but you have the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, Directors Guild of America, Costume Designers Guild Awards, Motion Picture Sound Editors Awards, Writers Guild of America, and of course to round out the ‘originals’ the Producers Guild Awards.

Please understand that along the Road to the Oscars our esteemed actors and thespians choose between several of the ‘higher order cities critics’ awards such as: Los Angeles Film Critics Awards, Chicago, New York, Florida, St. Louis, Boston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, and of course, the San Francisco Film Critics Circle Awards (what’s going on in that circle?).

Seriously now, if Microsoft, Apple, Louis Rich, the farmers, the dairy association, or especially Congress went and heralded themselves as much as Hollywood does it’s surprising anything would get done! But that is not what we’re here to discuss…

As for this writer, the Academy Awards really has never been on my good side. You get these ‘life-time’ appointees with an average age of about 80 years of age, who rarely if ever actually view the nominated films. The send their ‘best boys’! (Always wonder what that stood for in the end titles?)

And then folks it’s like ‘3 card Monty’ with no rules, well, they have rules, yet only to be broken right Mr. Gore? However, I learned early on as a kid that the Academy Awards were more political than anything inside the beltway, Washington D.C.

The OSCARS have been about the money for a very, very long time. If you can use your collective memories, most in the category of Best Picture…and the envelop please….go to the film who is notoriously terribly over budget and getting killed at the box office; or, it will indeed having something to do with controversy.

At American Age we believe it absolutely abhorrent (sucks!) that a person would even be considered for nomination posthumously. What a crock! What is this to say the other four normally very experienced and skilled actors?

The moral of this little blurb is this: Why are we immortalizing HeathLedger with every nomination under the sun when he simply won’t be present to pick up his statuette? Realistically, how much money would that film had made had it not been for Mr. Ledger’s untimely death?

Suffice it to say that it would not have been anywhere near what money it made. Tell me, can anyone name four other actors/actresses who were in the film? (Precisely my point!)

Now just to keep this little op/ed on an even keel we’d like to suggest this is perhaps a better way of immortalizing or at least recognizing someone’s great achievements. Robert Downey Jr. Here’s a guy who has been in and out of rehab so regularly his mail hasn’t even caught up to him yet.

Moreover, just a few years ago, Robert Downey Jr. is arrested with come prescription medication, a gun, and some not prescription medications. Yet this guy didn’t kill himself or otherwise harm anyone and he was still doing major league television AND making brilliant films.

Why not honor a guy who has overcome some problems (chemical imbalances, miss firing serotonin), picked himself up, dusted himself off, cleaned up and put together quite a performance in Iron Man?


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