Answers to ‘why you need a good education’

Stop the Bull Squat!

Stop the Bull Squat!

Make no mistake we at American Age are as pro-education as anyone in the history of humankind. We believe that there exists a direct link to the amount of education one’s received and how well they are at critical thinking, moreover, the entirety of decision-making.

Many educators will argue vehemently that life itself is education and you won’t find an argument here. There is a tremendous amount of merit to the ‘School of Life’ or living life’s experiences and learning about life. Therefore, one could easily argue that some time in the trenches may be the best education one could ever receive. Well yes and no for the most part.

Educators know that they are not concerned about learning the student’s lessons; what educators provide are tools. A plumber goes to work with his tools; a surgeon goes to work with many of the exact same tools, only they’re sterilized. Educators provide the atmosphere and resources to assist the student with how to learn.

The critical difference is in the ability to know how to learn.

Washington D.C., ‘the Beltway’, Capitol Hill, Congress, the White House and President, have been learning some new material and it’s not the kind of stuff one would stand in line during registration to get that class. The following three matters are the most recent educational lessons this current Congress hopefully is or has learned (I wouldn’t hold my breath).

America people are far more acquainted with the “Ways of Washington” than ever before: The American people are losing comfortability with their elected officials and what nonsensical bull squat these representatives are trying to pull over their eyes.

In fact, the current administration ran on a public agenda that was guaranteeing American’s are by and large far more intelligent about matters of ‘self-serving’ politicians than those public officials give them credit for.

The government tried in vain to pull that Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill (CIRB) over our eyes and it got ugly. By the way…has anyone heard anything about any of this alleged “stimulus package” and our 20 million illegal aliens living here? How about building that fence?

And finally, Americans are asking questions and voicing their dispositions. In other words, Americans are intelligent enough to know that the government is littered with thieves and those who want nothing more than personal gain. The following data lends evidence to these claims:

A recent poll by Pew Research Center found that a narrow majority of Americans, just 51%, support the stimulus. And that’s down from 57% in January. Even worse for the administration, support seems to be dropping among people who say they’ve learned more about the stimulus:

Notably, support for the proposal is now much lower than it was in January among those who have heard a lot about the economic stimulus. By 49% to 41%, those who have heard a lot about the proposal now see it as a good idea; in January, those who had heard a lot favored it by more than two-to-one.

Furthermore, a poll from Rasmussen reports that 62% of voters want more tax cuts and less government spending in the plan. This must be music to the ears of Republicans, who have been on a media blitz of their own, arguing for the same. Newly elected chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele didn’t waste a minute in explaining why he thinks his party should vote no.

“The fastest way to help those families is by letting them keep more of the money they earn. Individual empowerment: that’s how you stimulate the economy.”

While on the campaign trail, Obama’s speeches were often crucial in turning a negative story his way. With public opinion waning, his recent treks to hard-hit American towns may be just the stimulus his stimulus plan needs.  Or on the other hand, as in the case of Pennsylvania is he looking to people he alleges are ‘dumb’?


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