Take Care of Those Who Take Care of You…

Bad Moon Risin'?

Bad Moon Risin'?

Interestingly this is a rather old axiom that goes back ages; additionally, such cliches as ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ and who could not say they’ve never heard of quid pro quo?

The meaning of this expression simply is: An equal exchange or substitute for anything one has done for you. Therefore, when we hear quid pro quo most people immediately think of the cliches above, especially the back scratching one. Most folks look at it as a ‘payback’ for something someone has done or we’ve received.

Barack Obama raised some odd $800 million for his presidental campaign. Whilst others we’re dipping into their own person finances, Obama actually had the costliest and most expensive campaign in US election history.

A brilliant writer and Fox News analyst, Michelle Malkin, wrote an article about how many special interest groups, ethnic groups, and what have you groups who pledged big money for the presidential campaign who were now in the process of “…hey, it’s payback time…” or you guessed it, quid pro quo. (Please read this story.)

The size of this ridiculous ‘stimulus package’ is so high (in reality about $3.5 trillion!) just about every single special interest group would be sitting very pretty whilst getting their mits on some of that dough.

In fact this entire scenario irks of ugliness. What if….the Democrats knew that after the election that they’d have power in the House, Senate, and the Executive which does not take rocket science to figure out. Therefore, they start planning what their going to do before the election and subsequently that’s the agenda we’re looking at right now. This entire “stimulus package-aka-porkulus-health care-reform-and the lot of it stinks.

It stinks not so much on what they want to do with these funds, but that they lied through their teeth and ran a long-con on the American people.

Just one more issue to address for today and I sort of tipped my hat in yesterdays article. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are currently investigating no less than 38 individuals for fraud, stealing, and other crimes associated with such matters as how does an investment banking company lose $45 billion dollars? How does the top mortgage lending company end up defaulting on the public’s mortages, needing bailout money?

These are the kinds of causes that people should donate their money too. I couldn’t help but laugh so hard today it hurt as I heard that the numbers of $$ beneficiaries on Wall Street alone would have to force the FBI to start hiring now…then again…it’s allegedly about stimulating new jobs!


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