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I would love to do a survey or poll to get a reasonably responsible amount of data on just how long most Americans of the human race thought it might be before this kind of matter was literally thrust into the press. We’d love to here at American Age, however we are not getting the responses we thought we would with our other polls.

Attorney General Eric Holder described the United States Wednesday as a nation of cowards on matters of race, saying most Americans avoid discussing unresolved racial issues.

Just a quick sidebar here: Mr. Holder is speaking from a very, very one sided point-of-view. We would think he would be far more responsible if he were to rephrase that statement. Is Mr. Holder unaware that many of his contemporaries believe whole-heartedly that some ‘races’ will always have…as he quibbles, “…unresolved racial issues.”

According to his speech to Justice Department employees celebrating Black History Month, Holder said the workplace is largely integrated; however Americans still self-segregate on the weekends and in their private lives. (Great site here.)

Sidebar again Sir: Is there something wrong with that? We write daily on the Bill of Rights and it seems to me that Americans, on their own time, can do whatever it is that they please–as long as it’s legal. Therefore we suggest taking a different type of ‘meet-and-greet’.

“Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards,” said Holder, nation’s first black attorney general.

With all due-respect to the Attorney General it would be better for him both politically and professionally to speak for himself only; we have a very difficult time when someone addresses some 300 million Americans as ‘cowards.’

Attorney General

Attorney General

Race issues continue to be a topic of political discussion, Holder said, but “we, as average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about race.”

Gee, why do you think that it’s that way? Obviously we know that you feel that way but please don’t speak for those Hispanics, Latinos, Scandinavians, Anglos, Asians, or Caucasians who you simply don’t know.

He may have urged people of all races to use Black History Month as a chance for frank talk about racial matters. Earth to Mr. Holder, are you even in touch with university discourse, jailhouse repose, or even very certainly professional sports and Congress for that matter?

“It is an issue we have never been at ease with and, given our nation’s history, this is in some ways understandable,” Holder said. “If we are to make progress in this area, we must feel comfortable enough with one another and tolerant enough of each other to have frank conversations about the racial matters that continue to divide us.”

We wonder who the “we” is whom he’s referring to; moreover, do you sense the attitude? When you are ready to bring it, count on us to be there with steno pads and tape-recorders. We are all ears!

The simple fact of this matter is that although we encourage as much ‘racial discourse’ as possible, the straightforward reality is that we can at times when we can; nothwithstanding those times we can’t when we can’t and won’t.

Then Mr. Holder told Justice Department employees they have a special responsibility to advance racial understanding.



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    If America was a country of racist cowards, then you wouldn’t have the bully pulpit you have right now to spew your racist ignorance.

    First the blacks want integration, then they decide they want more segretation to “preserve their culture” and form clubs and benefits exclusive to blacks only. This was the choice of the BLACK COMMUNITY. Many of America’s most successful actors, actresses, musicians are black. How did they get there? Do you think Americans are going to the theaters and buying their music because they hate black people? And let’s not forget how 95% of blacks voted for a black for president. So who did you say the racists were?

    You’re the racist coward. You didn’t have the guts to ….. CONTINUED AT

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