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It’s finally over…bye-bye OSCAR!

About right...tired!

About right...tired!

It is finally over! Thank you very much! Of course I’m referring to OSCAR time in Hollywood, yet again. What other industry in the remotest parts of the world exalts themselves with so many awards? Then again people, every color of the rainbow, publishers, writers, and plain old good natured folks just eat this mess up!

At American Age we believe it absolutely abhorrent (sucks!) that a person would even be considered for nomination posthumously. What a crock! What is this to say the other four normally very experienced and skilled actors? And I have a lot more to say about it too!

Understanding Hollyweird is to comprehend controversy, shame, sin, and just about the very scum of the earth that makes this stuff. Please ask why? Okay, because they need the bull squat for this stuff to work. The more poop piled on, higher, and deeper the better. Work with me here people!

How many of you really thought that The Dark Knight was that good of a film? Hmm. Moreover, how many of you movie loving maestros out there really knew what the real title of this film?

These kinds of controversial little tid-bits are what I refer to as rubbish in order to drum up enough arousal to make people get interested. Oh sorry…the copyright name for the film is, Batman: The Dark Knight. That’s right…clearly evidenced in the end of the film with Batman and Commissioner Gordon talking, the phrase comes up as Batman’s new title. Cut! [Director screams!]

Since his death, the 28-year-old Ledger has gained a mythic aura akin to James Dean, another rising star who died unexpectedly (for some) before his time. However, in the inner circle of Heath Ledger’s life many, or most who knew him well, were very well aware of his propensity and love of narcotic categories of drugs.

People you can call it anything you want: I read today the obsessive ‘Pop Culture’ writers who find some kind of solace in writing, “…Ledger, who died of an accidental overdose of prescription medications.” Does this somehow make the cause of death better? I ask you to Google death by overdose and see how many hits you get.

Heath Ledger’s story is no different than any other addict…and where I’m getting steamed is how people are making him out to be some kind of iconic legend who died accidentally. Seriously, if things we’re as great as the Hollyweird publicity machine indicates, then why did his lovely and respected girlfriend, Michelle Williams, not trust Heath alone with their daughter? Why did she decide it was best for her, Heath, and Matilda to separate?

Call it what it is, that’s all we want. There were several others in the movie business that lost their lives as well. Some not as well-known, whilst, other well-known and distinguished public figures who died as well; yet, none of them has reaped such a publicity drummed up saga as Heath Ledger.

As for us…it takes away from the dignity of the humanity of everything Mr. Ledger ever tried to do by continuing to make money from his death.


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