At odds…

Is America Lost?
Is America Lost?

We are certainly at odds with this new democrat government. How many different ways can one spell c-l-u-e-l-e-s-s? How many different ways are they going to try to convince me of what I need?

For the first part the democrat government is laden with hypocrites! The examples of carbon foot prints, greenhouse gases, and global warming are simply preposterous! Please! I am all ears, and willing to admit when I’ve seen legitimate data that supports any of this rubbish that I’ve been wrong.

However, mandating and legislating around somebodies pipe dream is simply not good enough for me. You see, I have a basic skepticism when it comes to humankind. And I believe I have a perfectly good reason to be, for starters:

When the first atom bomb was detonated here on Earth, there wasn’t one scientist among them that had a clue if the ‘fission’ activity could be harnessed. In other words, they didn’t know if they could stop it!

Here’s another good one for you: Years ago the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was attempted to be passed and enacted into law. Actually we shouldn’t need a law to govern who’s equal because that protection is in the United States Constitution.

Nonetheless Congress got shot down in flames. Actually quite similar to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill did in Summer 2007. Well some folks love a beating and Congress sent this bill out to the states for ratification–the ‘other’ means of getting things done–3/4ths of the several states. If three quarters of the 50 states ratify a bill to their own state Constitution then the U.S. government must adhere to that action as “…the will of the people.” 

Now for intent and purposes the bill was sent out with a 7-year deliberation allowance. Truth be told the average time to get a bill passed is 19-months. The ERA was given an initial 7 years! Then at the end of the time period, just like school kids missing their homework lessons, we didn’t get it, we need more time. So weak-as-anything-democrat government said “okay” we’ll give you an additional 7 years, is that cool?

Suffice it to say that most states didn’t even consider an additional amendment to the Constitution when clearly based on the 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments all espouse and support equal rights under the law. In the original offering the terms, “women, gender, and female” gave way to “sex” as harmlessly as someone saying “What sex are you?”

Do you know that there are people in the government even today that are trying to repeal this legislation because now they’re using the term “sex” as meaning the actual act of copulation and therefore this is being ruled ‘discriminatory.’

I wonder in my heart of hearts if these are the same folks on the Hill doing a FUBAR’ed job of simple economics?


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