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    After considerable information gathering and some ripping research we at American Age have decided to bring our knowledge, experience, and insight to the slipping of America's never-ending saga of lowering the bar of acceptable standards of conduct and decency. We believe that it's time for that proverbial 'line' to be drawn in the sand primarily with, but not limited to: Illegal Immigration, Sexual Orientation, (or whatever that is?) and Education.
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When you get right down to it…

U.S. Capitol inside

U.S. Capitol inside

When you get right down to it one really must ask this very fundamental question: What on earth is going on in America? I think even more importantly is clearly seen in the notion of does our government honestly know what it is doing?

As for me-and me alone-I don’t think it has a clue…period. Now don’t get me wrong and start writing hate mail here; I did not say that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s going. I referred to the collective noun ‘government’.

I promise we will visit some bodacious blunders made by the United States federal government like immigration reform, education, regulation, and unadulterated involvement in our personal lives. But first we need to leave you with just a tidbit from someone far above any one of us;

“Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.” (Thomas Jefferson…scientist, philosopher, founder of universities, & president.)

Younger and new Americans need to find out what it means first to be: a civil human being that demonstrates virtues, values, ethics, morality, and common sense. There was a time in America’s history when, as we believe, there were far more people this way. Call it the norm or the status quo.

Then slowly, very slowly like a sloth slithering around its tree, the moral values and ethos of our nation began wilting and wilting away like a beautiful spring flower caught on a hot August day. Slowly but surely cultural norms, right from wrong, our inner character began to change. Why do you suppose that is? Because we let it! We certainly haven’t stopped it as exemplified by our irresponsible press reporting on our more than irresponsible government.

I was listening to a gentleman, scholar, and all around great person from Ohio the other day. His name is Bill Hemmer and he’s got real moral fiber! Bill Hemmer works as a newsman on Fox network’s “America’s Newsroom.” Anyway Mr. Hemmer got around to discussing what we refer to as “…just because…” and Bill was stating just because your doctor tells you this will help with the pain…doesn’t mean that you’ve got to take the medication.

This was in context of people who took on faulty mortgages and those who lied intentionally to ‘qualify’ for a loan. So the moral of the story is just because you’re able to qualify for a mortgage…it doesn’t mean that you have to go out and immediately get one.

Right now as I write this there are programs going on that go against everything that I believe it! Yet at the same time one way or another I’m paying for it. Is this fair?




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  1. Nice post! Keep it real.I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

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