A nation of dependency

Are we being treated fair?

Are we being treated fair?

We will not speak for any one except ourselves. And too that end toss and throw your stuff in this direction because we are the one’s who are coming out.

What in the name of our creator is going on in Washington D.C.? As a young stockbroker, my mentor would say to me, “Never ever chase bad money!” So I respond with some really young answer: “What on earth is bad money…isn’t it all good?”

Chasing bad money is an expression that means when you’ve invested in something and that investment starts going south on you-or you are losing money-on it, the worst thing possible is to throw “bad money” at it to try and save it. Somehow and in some way never the two shall meet; meaning, of course the more one throws money at a bad investment will never make it good.

I look at some of these so-called leaders in our nation’s capital and wonder who they knew, what they knew, or who they had the goods on in order to get to the positions that they are in, especially the elected officials of our country. What happens in the District of Columbia that causes people to discombobulate? Folks, we are talking about coming completely undone!

For over 18-months we had to listen to Barack Obama talk about changing things; yet, how many of you thought he was talking about bankrupting the country? How many of you though Obama was telling the truth about anything? That is one seriously problem about not telling the truth…one’s always going to need to tell more just to cover up the mess they’ve already made.

How many of us truly envisioned the United States of America joining in with some “Global Government”? People wake up! This person is putting our nation at risk and with each step of doing so, it is literally costing us money…real money.

Conservatives for hundreds of years have been alluding to the notion of the Democrat mantra. You see, conservatives believe that if the government meddles its way into every facet of our lives with their social programs, spending, and more spending, and top that off with raising our taxes to pay for their programs, in reality people what we’ll have created is a nation of dependency.

When the means of production (companies, tools, equipment, airlines, banks, and so on) is owned by the government where is the capitalism in that? That’s right! It isn’t capitalism any more, what has been created is an economic system of socialism and a governing system of ‘social democracy.’


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