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Moral Compass

Moral Compass

“It boggles my mind how these executives can be so unaware of what the American people are going through,” said Ryan. He called his proposal “a wakeup call that the days of arrogance and greed on Wall Street are coming to an end. We will use any means necessary.”

Those words of pure enlightenment are from Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, who introduced a bill that would impose at tax at 100% on bonuses received above $100,000 paid by companies that received federal bailout taxpayer money.

Yet, anyone who has spent any time albeit for minutes or daily here at American Age knows what our feelings are about this “shoddy dealings” congress. I wonder if her ever really ever stopped for a moment and asked himself how the American people feel about the way congress has handled this entire scenario?

“A wakeup call that the days of arrogance and greed on Wall Street are coming to an end. We will use any means necessary.”

I am shaking in my boots here, how about you? A fancy word with the intent to deceive is how we feel about them, Mr. Ryan. Let’s make just a few things aware to the American people, shall we? Then again who really could ever be afraid of Harry Reid? And Chuck Schumer spews so much vile he ought to be investigated first!

The bonuses were paid legally, part of a program that had been disclosed in advance in filings that American International Group Inc. made with the government. Who was acting hasty in this transaction? What’s the matter, feeling just a little burned?


Senate Democrats threatened to tax the bonuses at up to 91 percent through narrowly written legislation, said Schumer, if AIG does not return the money voluntarily. The average American citizen has said President Barack Obama should have done more to prevent the executives from accepting the bonuses in the first place. (Oh! ya’ think?)

We would start by simply reading and thoroughly discussing the finished bill before signing it for starters. Moreover, we would have dispensed the money ourselves. Look when you’re holding 100 billion dollars, you just don’t say, “Here, fix the whole in your roof…” NO! With that kind of money (try 2 trillion dollars) trust is bust and simply asks: What is this request for?

That is what being prudent is all about. So we ask our fine, albeit, irresponsible leaders in Washington D.C., because you folks have been getting over for so long now, are you blind to what other people will do with the kind of money–our money–you are throwing around?

Lastly and ad nauseum you are not convincing anyone that you’re threatening anyone; by the time any of this will ever make its presentation in a court of law, you who allowed it will be long gone.


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