What determines a blogs “Hotness”?



It simply is not our intention to create any kind of disorderly commentary or controversy. However there are some interesting questions that have come up recently and those of us at American Age are a bit at odds trying to answer some. Therefore, we openly admit we are soliciting your help.

On the home or front page of WordPress there are several articles for just about anything and everything submitted by a writer who, like most of us here, maintain blogs and would like to improve traffic to what we all have to say.

Two of our most redundant questions we get almost daily are these: How does a blog get selected for the category: ‘Hot Community Posts’? And of course this one, ‘Hot VIP Posts’ and finally, who or where does The Hawt Post come from?

In all fairness, WordPress is a class act, moreover,  just about every person remotely associated with WordPress is helpful, very cool, willing and able. This is what we have been writing to our readers and those who have asked questions.  

An interesting bit of critical reflection was offered by one reader lately that got us all thinking. She simply asked:

“If one’s blog is featured as a hot community post, doesn’t that send people to read it, ergo, elevate the blog’s hotness rating?”

 Then equally as logical she asks this one:

“What determines a VIP post? Other than the obvious, there are a lot of people out there who are literally quite important and I don’t see their stuff ever in the hot VIP posts.”

She then equated the same formula by writing if one is perceived as a VIP then, predicated upon that attention alone they are a VIP and as such they too share the benefits of a higher readership. 

Help. Anyone, Ferris, anyone?


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