Not endorsing…but an awesome lesson!

We, perhaps like many of you, were turned on to this presentation through the folks at the popular blog entitled Dandelion Salad. Although there are some parts we agree with, it must be noted that there also other parts that we at American Age do not agree with. That is about as a ‘blanket CYA statement’ as you’ll get from us.

The reason that we decided to share it here has a couple of reasons. One reason of course is this blog’s name and mission statement. Another reason goes by the phenomenon known as the “teachable moment” wherein, we believe that this presentation has enough good American history and should any discussions or debates rise up it allows for our staff to shed some light pursuant to the events seen.

Another and perhaps most profound reason is that this era of America’s growth is indeed one of the most ‘passed over’ epochs in American history. We have rendered our indictment on the US public education system inasmuch as the maintenance, care, and politics involved are such that a lot of material such as this presentation are rarely mentioned.

Therefore, just kick back and give the presentation a good once over (or twice over!) and please feel free to share you thoughts, feelings, rantings, compliments, or rages with us. Thank you.


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