Hey America! Don’t let them fool you!

Apologize? For what...'you'?

Apologize? For what...'you'?

We felt it was only the appropriate course to take in the view of all of the untruths and embellishments that have been going on by our beloved politician’s with of course their huge gaping irresponsible mouths. It’s Friday we know and in an attempt to allow some to relax for their hard-earned weekend, allow us to straighten some of this out.

Of the first part we’d like to take our three nails, two pieces of wood and put our current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, crucified upside down. Yet, we thought that too good of a punishment and for what she’s done she simply does not deserve to die as St. James did. But more of that later…

We need to inform you as well as have you retain this rubbish being spoon fed to all of us by our current Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner. Here is a man who is being led around like the proverbial pig awaiting its fate for the Luau dinner! (Please read here.)

Can you believe the sheeit this man is shoveling? I hope not. Here it is…under the guise of Barack Obama, Geithner believes that government should have the authority to intervene into private businesses in case they should get into financial trouble that could affect the financial outcome of the world.

Ladies and gentlemen please, for those who can read….please read on; and for those who have ears, please listen. This is a thinly vailed attempt for Uncle Sam to gain an additional foot hold into our lives, wallets, pocket books, or passbook savings accounts.

Ask yourself this one question: Why do I want any more government incompetency in my life?

The real oxymoron here is that we have regulations; oversight committees; due-diligence laws that exist; however, the problem is when are they going to be enforced? Where else on the planet are you going to find a Securities and Exchange Commission, National Association of Securities Dealers, as well as the securities industry’s self-policing organization, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. This organization is the “mad dog” of all policing agencies.  And truth be told the FIRA is more corrupt than the lot of the others.

Do I believe that this is enough to regulate and oversee the tens of trillions of dollars transacted each day just in New York?

No! That’s why each index has extra security such as law enforcement, securities enforcement, and several other organizations protecting each entity that transacts market business. We’ve all heard of The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) American Stock Exchange, New York Mercantile Exchange (commodities), and let’s see…Philadelphia Stock Ex., Chicago Board of Trade, Pacific Stock Ex., Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and London Stock Exchanges and I’ve just completed a circle around the world! Fact of this matter is that each and ever one of these exchanges has their own security as well as the dreaded committee’s and commissions of the government.

Do we need MORE government intervention in the securities and exchange businesses?

No! We just need the security that is currently there to perform adequately at their jobs. The Treasury Secretary is throwing good money after bad by wanting to intervene into the private sector. We just need the executive branch of government to do it’s job! (Please read this article.)

As for our helpless or hapless Madam Secretary of State, other than dodging bullets how else is she selling us out this week? Oh! That’s right…America owes an apology to Mexico for our own “insatiable appetites” for illegal drugs.

And ol’ Nan Pelosi, our esteemed Speaker of the House, tells a group of special interest groups (La Raza, Natl Assoc. Hispanics, and hundreds of illegal aliens) that she’s their girlie-man in Washington! We’re pushing to get you good ol’ folks amnesty if not total legalization. Holy! Where is the OUTRAGE?


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