Confusing or what, already?

Better here than at home!

Better here than at home!

I openly admit that we here at American Age are just confused when it comes to a couple of typical well-thought out axioms by the government of the United States. Of the first part:

What’s up with this ‘out with’ “The Global War on Terror”? What already? Not politically correct enough? The only substitutes I’ve heard are ridiculous machinations of bull squat.

And of the second part…what is up with either releasing and/or relocating the criminals of war and murderers of children at Gitmo?

At times throughout the last two weeks I hear sporadic ‘rumors’ about moving them into Miami, Oklahoma, and even some foreign countries have been named.

I feel again, that this is just hush-hush bull that’s being leaked to the press because, quite openly, they don’t know what they want to do. (Sound familiar?)

What DO YOU THINK the war against the horrific regimes, Taliban and al Queda, should be called?

What DO YOU THINK should happen to the prisoners of war currently at Gitmo?


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