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Are you ready for this…


China, North Korea, Russia

Sure they’ll change…as soon as they see our way! You betcha baby, once they’ve seen our way, tasted the fruit of what we’re doing here, and then they will no doubt change their ways.

Allow me to ask you this question: Have you ever either heard of, or witnessed a country willing change their ways; albeit political, economically, ideologically or its governing style?

Theoretically unless there is a war that demands changing, most nations will not do this on its own. Goodness, people resist change with vehemence. We’ve written article after article about the notion of the net result of change, which is of course, growth and hopefully with prosperity.

But allow us to propose some hypothetical situations and then we’ll go from there. Do you think that Nazi Germany would have willfully laid down their arms and said, “Ah, you’ve got a better way”? How about the North Korean regime?

Who are they (North Korean govt.) trying to fool here? I just want to make a point about willful change. It will not happen! After the North Korean’s were busted with the nuclear goods to make weapons, sold technologies to Syria and started assisting the Syrian’s in building a nuclear power plant….well the Israeli’s put an end to that one quick smart!

The United States not too long ago considered North Korea to be involved with the “Axis of Evil” nations wanting to destroy the USA. Off to he never-do-anything-worthless United Nations for sanctions and as soon as we stopped trading or selling our agriculture goods there, the people starving people forced the government to stop doing what it was doing regarding nuclear weapons.

Then after the announcement that North Korea made ostensibly stating “No more Nukes” then the United States leadership started hugging and kissing these folks like nothing happened! Now tomorrow morning the Japanese people and Americans on the west coast are freaking out because North Korea is testing their first long range ballistic missle capable of warhead carrying to almost anywhere on the planet.

A couple more hypothetical changes: How about the Soviet Union? Actually as we all know the former Soviet Union was Russia. Traversing through the events of Lenin, Trotsky, and other leaders up to the late 1940’s when Josef Stalin rose to the top and Russia through Stalin’s “Purge” or the systematic killing of approximately 20 million alleged dissidents or shipping them off either to Siberia or to the Gulag Archipelago never to be seen again thus Russia began its quest with communism.

Now let’s consider the People’s Republic of China? We really don’t need to go back too much farther back than the infamous Chairman Mao. And again, just like its most trusted ally, Russia, decided on the totalitarian form of government, communism.

From the end of World War II until the early 1980’s we were engaged in a war, the Cold War, so named because of the cold feelings each nation had toward the other nation. You see, capitalism and communism are just about as diabolical opposite as positive is to negative or electricity is to water.

We will over the next several articles present some essay’s noting the differences between how each government system are different based primarily on the nation’s ideologies.  

Consider this if you will: How could a nation the size of North Korea with millions of people starving to death hold the world darn near captive by testing a missile? How could they basically defeat the U.N. and the USA in an uncoordinated effort in 1950? Do you thing that the Red Chinese have anything to do with that fact?


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