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Sanctions, diplomacy, and what?

Can you believe anything they say?

Can you believe anything they say?

In our previous article (just below this one) we posted a map that featured the proximity of the nations of North Korea to China and Russia. We did indeed find it interesting that they all share a border at some point.

Where we left off in our previous article we examined the ideologies of a few communist nations such as North Korea, the former Soviet Union, and China.  As for the writing staff here at American Age, America has been fighting against communism for all of our lives.

We sense that the American people have either forgotten, or never knew what communism is at its very core. As we mentioned in our preceding article communism, just like capitalism and socialism are economic philosophies. Based on the facts of how a nation governs its people – totalitarian, authoritarian, socialistic, democratic, or otherwise – determines what type of economic philosophy the respective governments will use with the population of the country.

Therefore the conclusion can be drawn that the way a nation governs its people is based on what type of economy is put into place. The following hypothetical’s are cited to assist one in the further understanding of the relationships as they exist with government-economy-people.

Totalitarian regimes are those which the government owns everything; consequently, by everything we mean all means of production-albeit, implements, tractors-trailers, shovels, building materials, and the people who use these ‘means’ are also owned by the government.

Furthermore, these governing systems are characterized by brutality, purging, extreme human rights indignities, and poverty with all of the wealth of the nation being centrally located in one place-the government. This type of economic system is characterized by extremely low wages, sweat-shop style working conditions, labor camps, and basically a class-less society, meaning that the majority of the people are all one class (very poor) with very little of any other class-particularly middle class-and even a smaller high class that is made up of the “ruling class.”nuclear2_318x264

A very clear illustration of these policies can be seen in North Korea, however, not nearly with what the sanctions used to be. In our last article we mentioned the “Axis of Evil” and that North Korea was at one time a member nation. Ruled by basically one man with very little influence from any opposition party, Kim Jung-il is the dictator in charge. Moreover, as millions of people are literally starving to death in the streets, and with civil unrest bordering on anarchy, North Korea decided to relinquish its ambitions of nuclear power, and especially the pursuit of nuclear weapons. Or did they?

What if they only made it seem as though they were stopping the development of nuclear weapons? We know that they sold and assisted Syria in the development of nuclear power plants, by their own admission. We now know that North Korea assisted and taught Iran in the technology of nuclear power and weapons grade nuclear material.

How do you think the Japanese people felt when North Korea was ‘testing’ an intercontinental ballistic missle? How did you feel?


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