What happened to change American minds?

Chinese poster saying: "Smash the old world / Establish a new world." Classical example of the Red art from the early Cultural Revolution. A worker (or possibly Red Guard) crushes the crucifix, Buddha and classical Chinese texts with his hammer;

Chinese poster saying: "Smash the old world / Establish a new world." Classical example of the Red art from the early Cultural Revolution.

What could possibly have happened between the end of the 1970’s and the early 1990’s that paved the way for China to be accepted by the World Trade Organization?

Please allow me to assure you that the likes of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust estimated at about 7 to 10 million Jews; however one must take into account all others that died as a result of this persons lunacy; subsequently, the total cost of human life for Hitler approximately 14 million people; yet, Hitler pales in comparison to other more brutally savage dictators.

Often times in a communistic regime the first two things that happen are either killing or exiling the intelligencia;  secondly the purge begins. This purge knows no rules, boundaries, or loyalties; if one is remotely considered a threat to the regime, then they are murdered.

Josef Stalin, the former premier of the Soviet Union, literally was responsible for approximately 27 to 30 million dissident deaths in his infamous “Gulag Archipelago” death camps and other labor camps.

Yet by far the leader in the genocide ranks is Chairman Mao of China. Between his “Long March” and the “Great Leap Forward” and of course the previously mentioned Chinese Cultural Revolution, Chairman Mao has been accountable for approximately 45 million deaths of his own people!

So what has changed to make the United States Congress so willingly to accept trading relations with China? Fact is folks, China hasn’t changed a bit;. America has changed and continues to this day! American interests go beyond the moral and ethical vestiges of human conduct. China has a population of just a bit over 2 billion people and America just couldn’t wait to start putting her products in front of her face.

What Markets! Think of all those products, goods, and services…2 billion people’s worth! Yet, there is something far worse and a greater travesty than clothing, building, arming, and assisting your ominous foe:  hiring forcing them into the work camps to make the products!

How many recalls on Christmas toys just in the last year? Infant milk formula was found contaminated and on the shelves of the local super market. And the lead-paint issue is now driving me crazy. Folks this is about greed! A country who holds herself to the highest standard of civility has allowed money, markets, and mayhem distort the view of true liberty.

As for next time we will begin with the Chinese Satellite Scandal and how America has become the one’s who let out Mrs. O’Leary’s cow that subsequently kicked over the lantern in the 1871 great Chicago fire.


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