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In the Summer of 98'

In the Summer of 98'

When you think of 1998 does it seem that long ago to you? It sure doesn’t to us! Maybe a brief view of some headlines will help to joggle some memory cells.

During 1998 the most read and viewed top story was of course the very young intern from Oregon working in the White House and having some kind of affair with the President of the United States. If memory serves Monica Lewinsky had a dark navy blue skirt that was being processed for DNA by the FBI for none other than William “Slick Willy” Clinton.

Please believe us when we say that there was a far greater catastrophe than Monica Lewinsky or the House of Representatives impeaching Clinton. A far more dangerous scandal was brewing in China.

In short it all started when Loral Space and Communication Ltd., applied for and received a waiver from the Clinton Administration to launch a satellite from China. Before you ask, the reason Loral wanted to launch from China is that it was considerably less expensive to do it with Chinese labor.

However something went wrong with this particular launch and the satellite had to be destroyed. In Loral’s post-accident report it was revealed that Loral had supplied the Chinese with technological data that, after the report was filed the Air Force acknowledged that the data China received could aid them in future missile launches that would be detrimental to the United States.

When the State Department was briefed on what happened they determined that this data could be used by the Chinese for future development of ballistic missile technology and guidance systems. In a nutshell the Chinese had been provided with very sensitive, “eyes only” plans.

Any reader who frequents American Age knows that we have a real passion for what special interest groups have either directly done or contributed to the American way of life; we call it demise, ergo the demise of the American way.

We mention special interest groups only insofar as Bernie Schwartz, president of Loral was the largest contributor to the Democrats in the 1996 election cycle. Also worthy of noting is that a one hundred thousand dollar donation to the Democrats came from an alleged daughter of former a Chinese General who had since retired only to start up his own satellite business.

For next time: What next? Clinton goes before Congressional hearings and Senate Intelligence committees, and more.



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  2. […] In closing here is the OUTRAGE! When people try to establish that they are above the law and having no consequences for their actions, is precisely how the Chinese, North Korean’s, and Iran got nuclear materials! Furthermore, these are the same elitist’s that don’t pay income taxes or simply ‘made a mistake and I’m sorry.’ (Please see additional reading.) […]

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