So what was Sandy Berger looking for…

Are we being Sold Out?

Are we being Sold Out?

It wasn’t that long ago…oh, maybe 5 years or so that former National Security Advisor to President Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger, was caught red handed in the National Archives absconding various and sundry top secret documents. We’re talking the man had them stuck in his pants, up under his shirt, and rolled neatly around the ankle area that he just couldn’t get to stay up.

So if we were to imagine an aging politician walking out of the Archives and every two or three feet adjusting his pant legs in an attempt to cover the documents he’d stolen. Now for us regular people if we even tried to do something as asinine other than being beat up, we’d for certain be tossed in the slammer. So what was Berger taking?

Jokingly many folks suggest it was the amount of Chinese diplomats and business leaders being paraded in and out of the White House and paying fees for sleeping in the Lincoln Room, while literally hundreds of thousands of dollars were being donated to the Democratic party, with some very shady dealings indeed.

Members of the Clinton Administration were hauled before Congressional committees for questioning on the Loral matter; however, congress determined based on evidence gained from the Administration that the Schwartz political contribution and the Loral satellite scandal were coincidence. (Hmm…)

Even more interesting, although truly abhorrent, was the findings of the Senate Intelligence Committee headed by Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) that during ‘closed door’ meetings with CIA officials it was determined that the Chinese did, in fact, try and influence the outcome of the 1996 election.

President Clinton was not the only one of Washington D.C.’s elite aware of the money and profits that could be made dealing with the Chinese. Oh no! The Chinese had been spying long before Bill ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton was elected president. A congressional inquiry indicated that sixteen out of seventeen major breaches in technological data had been compromised to the detriment of the United States.

Up next…From then until now-including shooting down of ‘weather’ satellites-and Chinese plans for Star Wars.



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