How many of you actually knew?

We need to cut straight to the chase here folks! So we’re just going to ask: How many of you knew that members of our elite Intelligence Agencies had been engaged in bartering, trading, or selling America’s top secret Secret’s to China?

Perhaps one of the main reasons for this series of editorials is to illuminate just how dangerous greed and coveting can be; furthermore, it is our belief that that very person who is patting you on the back saying, “Atta boy” is that same person who is stabbing you in the heart!

In other words, the Chinese and North Korean governments may be acting like they are in accordance with the United Nations, World Trade Organization, Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT) related, and the United States; yet, we know that the Chinese only lack weapons (mass killing) grade plutonium and the North Koreans with Iran are seeing to it that everyone has missile delivery and guidance systems.

Every special interest group from human rights activists to animal rights activists to eco-crazed environmentalists have been to these nations and have come back gripping about the atrocities and one other thing…the fortune that can be made!

Moreover, just about every multi-national company has got their greedy fingers in the pies as well. If anyone cares to deny these facts then we ask you to just look at who sponsored the Olympic Games in Beijing, China this past summer.

We don’t want to be the bearers of bad news here but seriously people! These are countries that have forced labor camps that make our knowledge of sweat shops seem like freedom to them. In other words, why are we feeding, buying products, and going bankrupt with those nations that have completely different ideologies, economics, governing systems, and slave labor to get rich?

 In short the United States who less than a generation ago had zero ties with Communist China is now trading, borrowing, and still borrowing from her. Why are we building up the very nation’s who seek our demise?

Only in America will you see a President bow to the leader of another nation while at the same time smoking cigars with people who call America the “Devil, or the Great Satan.”

Wake up folks….before it’s too damn late.

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