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Al Qaida, Taliban, and China

Taliban using Chinese manufactured weapons?

Taliban using Chinese manufactured weapons?

Although it was interesting covering some other matters, nonetheless, we feel it’s important to bring an end to what we know now about America’s debt relationship and so many other issues with the Chinese.

Thus far we have covered the relationship between the Chinese and North Korean; North Korea’s disrespect for the world community; suffering by North Korean citizens at the hands of Kim Jung Il’s regime that constantly waffles on nuclear issues.

With the Chinese we have covered that government’s blatant disregard for any U.N. sanctions; yet, we have tried to illustrate why…why should they adhere to any organization when they have so many other nations such as the United States, Russia, the entire Middle East, and as we soon shall see, South America and Central American regimes as well supplying them.  And we hasten to reiterate, the Chinese Satellite Scandal with Loral Technologies and the Clinton Administration.

In fact, we believe that the damage the Clinton Administration did either with the deliberate transfers of technologies and/or simply being asleep at the wheel on his watch is incalculable!

Former C.I.A. director, George Tenant, gave horrific accounts of threats and plans of attacks on the United States in February 2001; this is seven months before the attacks on September 11, 2001. Speaking directly to the Senate Intelligence Committee Tenant stated, “Osama bin Laden and his global network of lieutenants and associates remain the most immediate and serious attack.”  

Although Osama bin Laden had clearly warned that he would continue to recruit surrogates to carry out the attacks so as to avoid detection, blame, and retaliation a surprising number of those individuals came from China.  However, the matter at hand is who was supplying bin Laden’s global terror network, Al Qaida, with weapons and ammunition?

If you read or understand nothing else–please read this twice: The Pentagon confirmed that massive quantities of Chinese manufactured weapons were found in the Tora Bora cave hideouts where Al Qaida operatives trained and lived.

The most bone chilling statements came from an in flight news conference held by Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, that went completely ignored by the main-stream media. Rumsfeld stated that several Chinese “Advisors” we found among the dead after the U.S. bombings of Taliban and Al Qaida terrorists after the activities of September 11th massacre her in the United States on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania.

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