‘Harsh Interrogation Techniques’ by whose standards?

Lest we not forget

Lest we not forget

Anti-American, anti-Americanism, anti-anything to do with America whatsoever is what these Democrats are spewing; and you know what…the entire world is listening to their bull squat!

It sure didn’t take long for this Administration to waffle did it? Actually less than 90 days; yet, if we were going to go into it, this Administration began waffling within 10 days of taking office. It could be me, although I doubt it, but did this Obama state that there would be no prosecutions at the release of the Memos?

In fact the real lowdown is that he stated no C.I.A. officer or operative would be prosecuted or even named. So being a typical politician-what does he and his cronies do? Now the Democrats are going after the previous Administration’s lawyers who did the advising.

LET’S GET REAL:In this whacked-out national leadership that can’t seem to stay on topic for any time at all, who is going to be the judge of “Harsh Interrogation Techniques?” Between Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA) and her mob of clowns we’ve heard everything from the Senate Intelligent Committee to an independent investigation.

THE REAL DEAL:Folks the real deal here is that the Memos should never have seen the light of day. Talk about being counter productive! Any America loving resident who knows that we’ve got soldiers in battle would never have even thought to utter a word. Loose lips do in fact, sink ships. So what is the President of the United States doing with ultra-classified “eyes only” documents and leak the contents to the press, anyway? This is simply “Geraldo Rivera” stupidity like drawing maps in the sand! How irresponsible!

THE FINAL DEAL:Many of our friends, families, colleagues, and otherwise told us to have hope. You’ll see they said, this guy’s (Obama) a real mover! Well I’ve got to come clean here folks-this person and his ridiculous “programs” are costing you and me a pretty penny. You may not see it now, but you will.

Just one last thought and I go my merry way…Does anyone remember the beheading of four independent contractors actually filmed and then their headless corpse’s we’re hung suspended from a bridge? Does anyone remember the beating, raping, and killing of American service women? Torture is losing limbs, reproductive organs, eyesight, hearing, and civil life at the planting of an “Improvised Explosive Device” (IED) by some coward on the field of battle who is perhaps miles away at detonation.

Democrats are so filled with utopian ideals that reality somehow escapes them. Just like the Code Pinkster’s who told our Marine Corps to leave their recruiting office, and, this nonsense aboutberkeley2008 torturing prisoners of war.

We implore you to continue to read on further…click here. It is actually a good and logical perspective of things to come.


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