Manufactured Celebrity…(ahem…)

kardashian_2There are going to be certain things that we will never come to understand in America, although, try as we may there are still some principles and notions that we submit we will probably never know the reasons.

Actually we started writing this long ago during the very first postings here at American Age, most notably Britney Spears and how she made a fortune being a bad-girl, and at one time in her career couldn’t stop ‘acting-out’ insofar as it cost her and her corporate holdings far too much money to act any other way. (See here…)

We of course are addressing the notion of the “Manufactured Celebrity,” who, being void of talent or any other quality that would qualify someone as a ‘celebrity’ or even a ‘contestant’ somehow or another the marketing machines on 5th Avenue, Park Avenue, or Avenue of the Stars start up and begin fabricating what accounts for less than bull squat in anything human.

Straight up and too the point: I don’t think there is a reasonable person alive who doesn’t understand the concept of being manufactured. Mostly used as a verb, manufactured, essentially means to produce something in the manner of a machine.

The marketing machine’s latest concoction is of course Kim Kardashian. We openly request ALL COMER’S to this site to explain or describe why Kim Kardashian is even popular.

As for America Age and its staff we’ve written about this before when she apparently started out with a sex tape of her and some other male person engaged in the throngs of fellatio. Next scene was her in the bathtub with bubble bath that was carefully not concealing everything. From there…it has just gone from bad to worse.

Kim Kardashian was invented, made, produced, and given more opportunities for success then any ‘average’ female in the country.

Kardashian’s father, Robert, was an uptown ‘Rodeo Drive lawyer’ so her claims of not having anything when she started are just plain ridiculous. Face it gang….a person needs no small change to be hanging in the clubs and bars with the likes of Paris, Lindsay, and every other skanky femme out there. So why not do a start up business with Robert Shapiro of O.J. Simpson fame. Okay…now we’re feelin’ ya’.

Ad Nauseam! where is Paris Hilton’s talent? Kim Kardashian’s (quoted as saying “I’d sleep with kim_1Britney for 1 million dollars”) talent? Lindsey Lohan was voted as having the two worst films of 2007: I Know Who Killed Me and Georgia Rules where she met the wrath of real talent in Jane Fonda and Felicity Hoffman.  

But by far the most atrocious bit of rubbish to come out of this entire scenario was the family’s ‘Reality T.V. show.’ OMG! What a waste! Yet, it did serve one very important matter: Kim Kardashian doesn’t have any talent whatsoever; the girl cannot sing, dance, tap, or what have you, hence, she’s not a celebrity. Goodness! The girl is rotund and no where near ‘pleasingly plump’…just overweight!


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