Swine flu and Illegal Immigration


Passenger arriving in Spain from Mexico

There are perhaps no better circumstances, or cases, for stronger immigration laws in the United States of America when one looks at the recent outbreak of the swine flu. Most nations do not have regulatory commissions, Centers for Disease Control, or Food and Drug Administrations. Therefore what may or may not be ingested in a foreign country certainly could have long-standing, if not fatal repercussions in the U.S.A.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are on high alert tracking swine flu cases throughout North America and the world. Spain was the first European country to confirm a case of swine flu, in an announcement earlier Monday. Suspected cases from New Zealand to Israel were raising concern that the new virus was spreading rapidly. (For more of the story click here…)

The swine flu as you will recall has a history of nothing but pure devastation in its path. Moreover, most researchers put the death toll as a direct result from swine flu victims at approximately 50 million people world-wide. (Continued reading here…)

Objectively it is suggested that some kind of agreement be entered into among nations and the people thereof to start a program whereby every nation goes through the same inoculation processes; or, simply not apply for visa status in the United States.


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