Women’s Rights? (Ahemm…)

Moral Compass?

Where's that moral compass?

Whilst doing the ‘reading rounds’ for this morning we happened upon a blog from a special interest group that funds and lobby’s for a women’s rights organization.  

Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) is one of these international companies that has a single-minded view on everything. As we were reading from this article about the “Mexico City Plan” we happened upon a quote taken from a portion of a priest’s sermon in Mexico City:

“They say that it’s a problem of a woman’s rights over her body, but they ignore the right over their bodies that all the aborted girls and boys have,” he said later in his homily. “They deny them the fundamental right, which is the right to life.”

And this is American Age’s position as well. You may need to check on these following facts, however, it’s not necessary.

The last time we checked sexual intercourse is a divine act, nuff said! Moreover, it remains the number one method of procreation or reproduction.

Engaging in the act of reproduction or ‘having sex or making love or hooking up’ should be the decisions of consenting adults and for the most part, barring high school age kids and other children the fact remains — two people consented to the act.

Just a small bit about decision-making is appropriate here. Decisions about having sex are not a woman’s alone; both parties — male and female — make the decision cognitively and being of sober mind. This decision is made prior to the act and therefore the women’s rights to her body issue is really rather null and void.

So where does the male fit in here? The way this special interest group AWID approaches the entire notion is like a “you’ll do” scenario whereby the male is reduced to a sperm donor and afterward the money donor.

We agree with the priest and his comment. When decisions are made regarding abortions talk about selfish! Please above all remember, the decision to engage in the clinches so to speak happens almost a year prior to a child is born; and by the way, doesn’t the little person developing inside have a say?

Think about it…


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