Maybe Washington D.C.’s been outsmarted…?

portrait_of_george_washingtonThis small expose may not be the kind of thing you’d like to read; moreover, it really plays into the hands of those who subscribe to the notion of right-wing extremists who to quote Arlo Guthrie in Alice’s Restaurant something along these lines: “…I want to see dead, burnt bodies, with veins in my teeth…I wanna kill, kill, kill…”

Please make no mistake about this whatsoever; this writing is not any kind of “manifesto” or backlash against the government of the United States of America. This really is a constitutional right that I have to express myself both in writing and in speech. And in doing just that I realize:

Liberties without conscience are inexcusable; those who ‘believe they have something to say’ should understand that all liberties must be articulated with a conscience.”

There once was in this country ‘state militias’ in all fifty states; moreover, many of the cadre in these units were indeed war veterans, military academy graduates, pilots, and rifleman. Moreover, much of their private funding came from some of the most obscure sources and if I may…they were not underfunded.

I was very interested in these militia groups for one reason only: A very, very close relative – and veteran of three wars – has had his ‘guaranteed retirement’ from the Department of Defense messed with so badly the guy hardly receives anything; furthermore, comparing his original enlistment papers (promises?) to what Congress is doing now is, in a nutshell is treason, murder, and possibly genocide.

In fact other special interest organizations have started up or have been around for quite a while using the system ‘inside the beltway’ and getting nowhere.

At first I was befuddled to say the very least. I am a veteran of only one war. To think of possibly fighting against people in our own Nation was simply abhorrent to me. Then my relative set me straight with these words: “Who is monitoring the lawlessness and schemes of the government?

Who is protecting the interests of the American citizen? Continuing he stated, ‘…if you can’t trust your government and the people who run it, to honor the very contracts they enter into with their own military…who can you trust?

Someone needs to police the government, police the military, and police the agencies therein such as local law enforcement, local politicians, and finally he finished with this; In the not so distant past what claim would the colonists have had if it were not for General George Washington and the brave colonists that just would take the government’s bull-squat anymore.”

Are you kidding…I didn’t say a word! I started investigating, information gathering, and visiting (with permission of course) independent quasi-military locations. And oh yes, they exist as does their ordinance. These quasi-military units are professional and as well-trained as any I ever served with…they are committed.

So lately there’s been no mention of them whatsoever; maybe it was the Branch Dividian fiasco in Waco, Texas or the unscrupulous actions up on Ruby Ridge where a man lost close to his entire family by bullets in the back of his very young son, his wife’s head blown off by a federal sniper’s bullets for what?

Believe me when I state that James Madison’s theory of ‘separation of powers’ and checks and balances should be perceived from a different point of view. When in the course of human events, the Supreme Court starts legislating from the bench, and Congress says “No” to something the President wants, and he’s bringing this to the people?

I always thought that those folks up in Washington D.C., were supposed to be representing us…



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